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Things to do in New Hope, MN

Best Things to do in New Hope, situated on the northwest side of Minneapolis, is a welcoming community, offering plenty of fun things to do for both residents and visitors alike. From an extensive park system to shopping, dining, entertainment and more, let’s take a look at a few ways you can spend a day in this quaint, wholesome city in Minnesota.

About New Hope

Like many other Minneapolis suburbs, New Hope was largely farmland through the late 1800s and early 1900s. When the nearby township of Crystal was incorporated in the 1930s, rural residents occupying the western side refused to join the charter, citing high taxes for urban amenities they didn’t agree with. Thus, New Hope was founded by this group of “exiles”, with a name that reflected the attitudes of the time. After World War II, public opinion around the future of the township began to shift, as more and more land was annexed by the suburb of Crystal. Although the rural population again disagreed with the move to officially incorporate the town, recent housing developments brought a more diverse population that fought for and won it in 1953. In the following five years, the town’s population grew by almost 2,000 people—and by 1971, there were almost 25,000 residents in New Hope.  The town continued to grow over the second half of the 20th century and today, it maintains a nice mix of suburban and rural amenities, with attractive neighborhoods, great schools, thriving commerce sector and many public parks.

Things to Do in New Hope

Even though it’s a small, tight-knit community, there are things to do all throughout New Hope. Take a look at some of the following highlights of this outstanding Minneapolis suburb:

Restaurants in New Hope

  • Pub 42: Classic restaurant/bar with an all-American menu, plus an open patio, daily specials and happy hour.
  • Frankie’s Chicago Style: Take a trip to the Windy City at this Chicago-style restaurant, serving up deep dish pizza, hot dogs, burgers and pasta options.
  • Gion Restaurant: A popular Asian-fusion restaurant offering traditional Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai fare.
  • Fat Nat’s Eggs: Traditional diner setting, great for simple breakfast and lunch – check out their famous egg sandwiches.

Recreation in New Hope

  • Northwood Park: Large park with plenty of amenities, from basketball and tennis courts to barbecue grills, playground and recreation trails.
  • Hidden Valley Park: Small neighborhood park, tucked away on the northwestern side of the town, featuring jogging paths, a pond, sports facilities and ice skating rink.
  • Sunnyside Park: Find wooded areas, walking paths and a quiet disc golf course.
  • Lions Park & Dog Park: Bring your dog and visit the fenced-in play area, or utilize the many baseball fields, basketball courts or playground.
  • Zachary Playfield: There is something for everyone at this park, where you’ll find extensive playground equipment, disc golf course, tennis and concession stands.

Shopping in New Hope

  • Unique Thrift Store: Although it’s a chain, you can still scrounge up some great used treasures, from clothing to home goods to media and beyond.
  • Rockridge Center: Larger shopping complex with diverse range of stores including Cub Foods, Aldi, Fantastic Sam’s and dining options including Chinese, Italian and American.

Entertainment in New Hope

  • New Hope Village Golf Course: Simple, easy par-3 golf course, great for beginners or a quick round on the links.
  • Cinema Grill: Catch the latest flick while enjoying American fare, and an extensive beer/wine list. 
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