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Things to do in Fridley, MN

Best Things to do in Fridley, a first-ring suburb of the Twin Cities, is one of the more popular metropolitan areas directly outside of Minneapolis-St. Paul proper. With countless acres of parkland, plenty of award-winning dining options, convenient shopping and fantastic entertainment options, there are plenty of reasons to make a trip to Fridley, Minnesota. 

About Fridley

The history of Fridley as we know it today starts with one, Abram M. Fridley, for whom the city is named. As the first territorial representative for the area in 1955, the settler saw the area go through many phases, eventually culminating in official township in 1879. Throughout World War I and II, the township was largely agricultural and industrial, and mainly served the Saint Paul  and Pacific Railroad. As the mid-20th century came about, the town was officially incorporated as the Village of Fridley, as it established a city newspaper, saw a rise in retail stores and increased housing developments. And, although the town saw some major natural disasters in the form of floods and tornadoes in the 1960s, the city continued to grow well into the millennium. So much so, that it’s become one of the largest of the northwestern suburbs in terms of population. Today, Fridley is known as a safe, vibrant and friendly community that’s attractive to businesses, residents and visitors. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to enjoy your town in this Anoka County suburb.

Things to Do in Fridley

With lots of delightful restaurants, shopping opportunities, recreational areas and entertainment venues, there are things to do all over Fridley. Check out some of the following highlights:

Restaurants & Bars in Fridley

  • Route 47 Pub & Grub: Relax at this traditional pub spot serving out draft beers, American fare and live music on weekends. 
  • Teppanyaki Grill & Sushi: Plenty of space to spread out at this Japanese eatery that also serves up Chinese and American dishes.
  • Crooners Lounge and Supper Club: American cuisine and cocktails served in an upscale dining area, and a wide range of live music throughout the year.
  • Two Stooges Sports Bar: Extensive pool hall with more than 40 tables for casual play, leagues and tournaments. Also enjoy a sports bar serving traditional American bar food.

Parks in Fridley

  • Springbrook Nature Center: Walk several trail systems and floating boardwalks among diverse habitats and wildlife, and learn more about the Fridley area at the interpretive center.
  • Locke County Dog Park: Large, open, fenced-in area for dogs to run, as well as lots of seating for the humans.
  • Moore Lake Park: This park has something for everyone, including a swimming area, fishing pier, biking trails and barbecue stations.
  • Rice Creek West Regional Trail Corridor: Explore miles of paths in a wonderfully natural setting that allows you to explore rugged trails.

Shopping Opportunities in Fridley

  • Northtown Mall: This familiar mainstay has a number of big-box stores like Hobby Lobby, Home Depot and Target, as well as smaller shops, restaurant chains and an indoor amusement park.
  • Moore Lakes County Shopping Center: A thriving strip mall with a number of stores and restaurants, including an Ax-Man Surplus, Dave’s Sports Shop, Kings Korean Cuisine and Subway, among others.

Entertainment Venues in Fridley

  • Bartz Snow Sculptures: This celebrated local site is filled with impressive snow sculptures during the winter, set in someone’s front yard.
  • Banfill Tavern: A historic landmark, also known as the Locke House, that now operates as a non-profit arts center. It’s also rumoured to be haunted, so be careful!
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