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Fun things to Do in Deephaven, MN

Nestled on the shoreline of Lake Minnetonka, the up-scale suburb of Deephaven is an attractive area full of fun things to do for both residents and visitors. From parks, beaches and trails to fine dining, entertainment and more, there are more than a few ways to spend your day in this outstanding western suburb of Minneapolis – keep reading to find out more.

About Deephaven

The town of Deephaven has a rich history, one with many interesting connections, such as with President Zachary Taylor, HMS Titanic and Quaker Oats. In 1849, President Zachery Taylor assigned Alexander Ramsey the new governor of recently acquired Minnesota Territory. He, in turn, negotiated treaties with the native Sioux tribe, securing two-million acres of land west of the Mississippi River including what is today the town of Deephaven. As commercial interest in Lake Minnetonka rose throughout the last half of the nineteenth century, Deephaven became a popular tourist destination, thanks to its fantastic water-side location. 


When the town’s once-popular St. Louis Hotel was torn down in the early 1900s, founder of Quaker Oats, Walter Douglas, built an impressive mansion on the land, starting a trend of the affluent flocking to the area to build homes. Douglas unfortunately went down with the Titanic on her infamous maiden voyage, but the town continued to grow to over 230 residents by 1920. Fast forward to today, and 3,800 residents call Deephaven home. The town is known for its spectacular homes, many acres of parks and open space, and of course, great access to Lake Minnetonka, among other things.

Fun Things to Do in Deephaven

With a small commercial district and several gorgeous neighborhoods, there are things to do all over Deephaven. Take a look at some of the highlights of this western suburb below:

Restaurants in Deephaven

  • Beanhaven Cafe: Small, hole-in-the-wall joint serving up delicious traditional breakfast and lunch, as well as tasty coffee.
  • Spasso: A wood-fired grill eatery known for their pizza, steaks and other Italian fare.
  • Snuffy’s Malt Shop: Retro malt shop that takes you back-in-the-day with 50s nostalgia, all-American burgers and huge milkshakes.
  • Cast & Cru Restaurant: Classy, contemporary setting serving up New American dishes, cocktails and Wednesday date night menu.

Recreation in Deephaven

  • Sunset Point: The perfect place to catch a sunset over the water and afterward, take a starlit stroll along Deephaven Beach just a short walk to the east.
  • Lake Minnetonka: One of the largest lakes in the state, Minnetonka attracts all types of aquatic enthusiasts. Deephaven’s boat launch at Carson Bay gives you great access to Lower Lake and many shoreline towns.
  • Thorpe Park: This park features walking trails, a sanded playground and baseball fields. In the winter enjoy sledding, ice skating and hockey.

Shopping in Deephaven

  • Cottagewood General Store: Although this could also fit in the restaurant section, it’s also the perfect place to find a perfect souvenir or gift for your loved one, all in a nostalgic setting.
  • Wabi Sabi Shop: A nice, eclectic collection of used high-end furniture — scope out your next interior design treasure!

Entertainment in Deephaven

  • Old Log Theater: Known as the oldest professional theater in the state, and one of the oldest continuously operating theaters in the country, this local playhouse puts on performances throughout the year. 
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