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Luxury Shopping Destinations in the Minneapolis Suburbs

Luxury Shopping Destinations in the Minneapolis Suburbs

There are plenty of things to do in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, and it’s easy to spend a day shopping at any one of the following destinations – here are the top spots you should consider. Searching for more fun ways to spend the day at your intended destinations? Click on the “Find more things […]

12 Luxury Neighborhoods in the Western Suburbs of Minneapolis

Luxury Neighborhoods in the Western Suburbs of Minneapolis

The many suburbs of western Minneapolis are home to many beautiful neighborhoods. From abundant recreational areas and public parks to dining and entertainment to high-value real estate and beyond, there are great areas to explore around every corner. Here are 12 luxury neighborhoods in the western suburbs of Minneapolis to both live and visit. 1) […]

History of Porsche

Inflightpilottraining Porsche

Today it’s known throughout the world as a luxury car brand and racing organization, but many don’t know the rich history of the company we know today as Porsche. With its roots in World War II, growth in the golden era through today, Porsche has gone through many ups and downs. If you’re a fan […]

History of Ferrari


When it comes to state-of-the-art engineering, Ferrari is at the forefront of the auto industry and has grown to a market cap value of $30 billion. From the early days of the company, before their cars bore Enzo Ferrari’s surname to some of the fastest cars ever built today, the brand has become synonymous with […]

The Best Car Engines of All Time

Inflightpilottraining Car Engines

Ever since the days of the industrial revolution, car mechanics have pushed their engine designs to produce more power, more efficiency, more loudness, and so on; from giant big-blocks capable of pushing a car over 300 mph to smaller single-liter motors that are impressive in their own right. Some of Thee Best Car Engines of […]