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Things to Do in Maple Grove, MN

As a western suburb of Minneapolis, Fun Things to Do in Maple Grove stands out in that it’s a great community to raise a family, start a business or even just visit on a weekend getaway. Thanks to its close proximity to Minneapolis, it’s got every amenity of the big city, but all the charm of a small town, meaning there’s plenty to explore.

So, what are the top 10 things you can do in Maple Grove, MN? let’s find out!

1) Kids Outing at Central Park of Maple Grove

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This large 44-acre park is one of the western suburbs’ most unique and well-maintained parks. The park features the locally popular Splash Pad, a 2100 sq. ft. plaza with a fountain featuring 49 jet sprays and 18 arching sprays, as well as a modern-designed playground, strollable gardens, ice skating loop, biking trails and more. In other words, it supplies the area with more than enough recreational opportunities! 

2) Expel Some Energy at Elm Creek Dog Park

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This 29-acre park is perfect for dogs, although people are sure to have a great time here as well. With a large fenced-in area and an additional area for smaller breeds, as well as an open pond, Fido is sure to be a tired pup once the day is up. Caution, a pass is required to use this park; daily and annual passes can be purchased at the link above.

3) Find Peace at Hindu Temple of Minnesota

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You don’t have to be religious to enjoy the magnificent Hindu Temple in Maple Grove. Occupying over 43,000 square feet of land, it’s not only the largest temple in the state, but also one of the largest in the country. And even if you’re not able to tour the inside, the outside grounds are worth a visit, offering walking paths for the public to enjoy among a peaceful, natural setting.

4) Find Entertainment at Town Green Park

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This attraction includes the Maple Grove bandshell, sitting smack-dab in the middle of North and West Arbor Lakes, where live local and national bands and artists take the stage for regular performances. Plus, thanks to its location along Main Street, you can grab a bite to eat and work off some calories with a pleasant stroll through the park afterward, or try some sunset yoga offered through the parks district.

5) Enjoy Recreation at Eagle Lake Golf Course & Park

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Along the border of Maple Grove and Plymouth sits the 230-acre Eagle Lake Regional Park. From hiking to cross-country skiing to lounging among the pristine wilderness, there’s recreational enjoyment around every corner. Or, take the youngins golfing at Eagle Lake’s 9-hole, 31-par, youth-oriented golf course, located in the center of the park.

6) Go Boating on Fish Lake

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Whether you’re an avid fisherman, watersports enthusiast or just like going-full throttle in your jet boat, 223-acre Fish Lake has something for everyone, and is conveniently located in the heart of Maple Grove. Access to the boat ramp is from Sunrise to 10 p.m. at Bass Lake Road and Fish Lake Regional Lake Park. The lake also offers a roped off beach area, paved and turfed trails for snowshoeing and hiking in winter, and off-leash dog park. 

7) Camp at Elm Creek Park 

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For those looking for a more rugged adventure within the suburbs, Maple Grove offers excellent camping opportunities at one of the area’s largest parks, Elm Creek. While it may not be the most dispersed experience when compared to say, Superior Hiking Trail, it’s still a great campground for short weekend outings and trips with the family. Plus, the park has hiking trails, a beach, cabins and disc golf course, so there’s plenty of entertaining things to do.

8) Enjoy the View from 20,000 Feet

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