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Must-See in Minnetonka Attractions, MN

Minnetonka Attractions is one of the Twin Cities’ most affluent suburbs, known for its phenomenal boating, recreational opportunities, shopping and entertainment venues. There’s plenty to do in this fantastic lake town — here are some of the top attractions in Minnetonka, MN.

1. Board the Steamboat Minnehaha

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Although it sank in 1926, this steamboat was raised and refurbished in the 1980s, and today serves as one of Minnetonka’s top attractions. Passengers can ride the steamboat Minnehaha on weekends, and holidays from May through October, and ride from Wayzata to Excelsior. The one to two hour ride delves into the history of the lake and boat itself, making it a great thing to do for families.

2. Golfing in Minnetonka

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There’s only one public golf course located within Minnetonka proper: the nine-hole, 2000-yard Glen Lake Golf Course. Other options for a day on the links include obtaining membership at the local Lafayette Country Club, which offers a gorgeous lake-side nine-hole course. Of course, if you have enough money and are looking to upgrade homes, you could always purchase this mansion in Minnetonka and have your very own, three-hole course. 

3. Boat to Big Island

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If you’re looking for a party, Big Island is the place to be. If the weather is nice enough to be outside, you can guarantee there will be plenty of boaters flocking to the shores of this party destination. The north portion of the island is a wildlife refuge and offers places to relax among nature and camp away from the partiers. The shores of the southwest side are where you’ll find masses of people getting boozy on their boats.

4. Charles H. Burwell House

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Built in 1883 by milling titan, Charles H. Burwell, this historically recognized home is a must-see attraction in Minnetonka. Bring along the little ones for a trip through the grounds, where you can learn about the life and times of Minnetonka’s influential founders throughout the town’s early years. The site is also active throughout annual holidays and the grounds are available for private use for weddings, family reunions and more.

5. Minnetonka General Store

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You can get lost at this 20,000 square foot, two-story gift shop, offering everything from souvenirs to home décor to seasonal goods, clothing, jewelry and more. Plus, kids will love the giant toy and candy sections, while parents can grab a delicious coffee at the in-house café. Locally owned and operated by the same family since 1984, don’t miss the chance to visit one of Minnetonka’s best shopping attractions.

6. Many Parks & Beaches

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For recreational enthusiasts, Minnetonka offers so much more than its massive namesake lake. For a more private beach-going experience, check out Shady Oak Beach, where there’s plenty of swimming opportunities, a high dive, volleyball courts and a playground. Or, make an excursion to Lone Lake Park, a gorgeous little piece of land nestled in the southeast corner of the town offering walking trails through extensive forestland. In the winter, head to Covington Park for ice skating along Covington Creek.

7. Shopping at Ridgedale

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This shopping complex has a little bit of something for everyone. Located off I-394 between Ridgedale Drive and Plymouth Road, this mall has everything from high-end clothes to modern furniture to family activities and more. It’s known as an upscale shopping center and luxury  brands like Coach, New York, Swarovski and TUMI have shops here.

8. Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

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This 1200-acre horticultural garden and arboretum is considered the Upper Midwest’s largest public garden. Open to the public year-round, take a stroll along its winding paths through well-manicured landscapes that feature unique trees, bushes, flowers and other plants. Other things to do include a Japanese Garden and restaurant serving up healthy fare like soups, salads and sandwiches.

9. See the Lake From Above

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For the most unique view of Minnetonka available, take to the skies. Only from thousands of feet up can you truly appreciate the grandiosity of Lake Minnetonka, and the beauty of the surrounding town. There are plenty of airplane tours available from flight companies in Minneapolis, like Inflight Pilot Training. With our introductory Discovery Flight we give you the opportunity to take-in Minnetonka’s glory from above, while helming the plane yourself under direction of a certified flight instructor.

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