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How Does Airplane Rental Work?

Whether you have an upcoming vacation or business trip, Airplane renting a plane can reduce all of the hassles that accompany flying commercial, while saving you time and improving the overall travel experience. But, if you’re a new pilot or someone who needs a refresher on the ins and outs of airplane rental, the process can be confusing at first. So, let’s answer the question – how does airplane rental work?

Find a Reputable Airplane Rental Company

When it comes to airplane rental, you’re not just searching for a premier product, you also want grade-A service. And while there are tons of companies that rent out their airplanes at pretty much every airport around the country, not all provide equal levels of customer satisfaction. This is important because you want to feel safe throughout all aspects of the plane renting journey.  

The easiest way to understand the credibility of a given airplane rental company is to research reviews online – reputable companies are proud to display customer testimonials, are active on Google My Business, Yelp and other review platforms, and have an obvious social media presence where happy customers flock.

Other ways to determine reputation is to search for special certifications. For example, many top airplane manufacturers and industry organizations like AOPA the EAA form partnerships and provide awards to qualified companies. If you ever have any questions about their qualifications, don’t hesitate to reach out personally via phone or email to obtain more background on the company.

Decide on the Proper Aircraft

There are countless options available in terms of the type of plane you can rent – from small, single engine prop planes to large multi-passenger twin-engine jets and beyond. However, the type of plane you want to rent will depend on the criteria of your trip. Are you traveling alone? Are you traveling a short or long distance? How big is your airplane rental budget?

In general, a popular single-engine aircraft like the Cessna 172 or Piper Arrow IV both offer reliability, adequate performance and budget-friendly options. For longer trips with several passengers, a larger plane will suit your needs, like the G6 Cirrus SR22 with its more powerful 310-horsepower engine, larger fuel capacity, and extra seating and cargo space.

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Follow Safety Precautions and Think About Insurance

Overall, it’s safe to rent a plane as a pilot, since the companies that supply them are forced to follow strict regulations on the safety, efficacy and maintenance requirements of plane components. That being said, you yourself have a duty to be safe, follow the guidelines written out in the rental agreement and follow safety procedures as required by the FAA. 

You always need to plan for unexpected emergencies, as any smart pilot should. The good thing about renting through a qualified airplane rental company is that they will supply their own form of insurance that provides a range of protection for both you and them in the event of an accident. 

However, it may also be wise to look into other insurance options on your own, which provides extra coverage for things like third-party damage or injury. Many forms of basic renter’s insurance can provide adequate protection for renting planes, but there’s always unique circumstances that may affect coverage – take a look at the AOPA’s guide to renter’s insurance for an in-depth explanation of what that may entail.

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