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What Are the Best Airplanes to Rent and Fly Yourself?

Are you searching for the perfect aircraft Rental for your upcoming vacation, business trip or solo cross-country excursion? From student pilots to seasoned airmen, the type of airplane rental can affect several things, from your comfort level to the amount of time you spend in the air to the number of passengers you can bring and more. That’s why it’s important to take a look at criteria like performance, space, cost and other options in order to find a plane that suits your specific needs. 

Here are some of the best airplanes you can rent and fly yourself. Let’s get started!

Cessna 152

This small, two-seat, propeller airplane is great for quick trips, first-time solos and flight training alike. Thanks to several modification and variation options, the Cessna 152 has become a versatile, trustworthy option in a compact, affordable package.

Inflight Aircraft Rental Rates:

Club: $105/HR

Retail: $125/HR

Cessna 172

The big brother of the 152 is the Cessna 172, one of the most successful planes in history in terms of number of units built and longevity of production. This airplane boasts four seats, a fixed-wing setup, and tricycle undercarriage. And, even though it’s modest in size compared to other aircraft on this list, it’s been used by fleets in the United States Airforce, Army and Border Patrol.

Inflight Aircraft Rental Rates:

Club: $135/HR

Retail: $155/HR

Piper Arrow IV

With its 200-horsepower Lycoming engine, retractable landing gear, and signature “T” tail, the Piper Arrow IV is a solid choice for those looking for a slight power upgrade from the Cessna 172.  It’s also great for flight training and personal use alike — student pilots can use this plane for instrument certifications and cross-country trips, while its clean design is sure to turn heads at destination airports.

Inflight Aircraft Rental Rates:

Club: $155/HR

Retail: $175/HR

G6 Cirrus SR20

Produced by Minnesota aviation company, Cirrus Aircraft, the piston-engine Cirrus SR20 is one of the most produced aircraft of the past two decades. And it’s an innovative machine in that it’s the first general aviation aircraft that comes equipped with a safety parachute for the plane itself, as well as an all-composite frame. In 2017, the Cirrus introduced the Generation 6 SR20, with several updates to the avionics, new navigation lights and an increased useful load, among other things, making it one of the most popular variations of the product line.

Inflight Aircraft Rental Rates:

Club: $250/HR

Retail: $270/HR

G6 Cirrus SR22

Another great aircraft rental option from Cirrus is the SR22. As a development of the SR20, it includes all of the same innovations and features as its smaller variation, but with a larger wingspan, higher fuel capacity and a more powerful, 310-horsepower engine, among other things. Because of the boost in performance, it’s remained the world’s best-selling general aviation airplane every year since 2003.

Inflight Aircraft Rental Rates:

Club: $400/HR

Retail: $420/HR

G6 Cirrus SR22 GTS

For those looking for a high-performance airplane Rental with the latest technology, the SR22 GTS is a fantastic option. With its low profile and sleek design, the Cirrus SR22 GTS has all the same great features of the SR22 line, but with a new enhanced vision system (EVS) and a sophisticated dual-wavelength instrument that offers both infrared and synthetic vision. 

Inflight Aircraft Rental Rates:

Club: $435/HR

Retail: $455/HR

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