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The Best Fly-In Restaurants in the Midwest

You’ve heard of drive-through restaurants, dock-and-dine for boaters—but fly-in restaurants? Believe it or not, there are a ton of enchanting, five-star-worthy restaurants within or very near airports throughout the Midwest. These are the perfect place for pilots of all types to set their coordinates upon for a tasty meal, whether stopping on the way through or as a final destination. 

Amplify your next airborne dining experience at any one of these fly-in restaurants. Let’s get started!

Pat O’Malley’s Jet Room

Airport: Dane County Regional Airport (MSN)

Location: Madison, WI

Restaurant Menu


Since 1976, this establishment has served aviators and passengers traveling through Madison Airport. Since 2002, it has been located in the new state-of-the-art Wisconsin Aviation building, reopening in a bright new setting and continuing to serve the needs of the general aviation and the Madison-area communities.

Holman’s Table

Airport: St. Paul Downtown Airport (STP)

Location: St. Paul, MN

Restaurant Menu


Located along the runway of historic St. Paul Downtown Airport, Holman’s Table offers fine, new-American dining in a modern setting. Not only is the food delicious, the view is equally excellent – with a large vista window overlooking the runway, diners can enjoy a meal while watching planes take off and land among the urban backdrop of Minnesota’s capital city.

Bandana’s BBQ

Airport: Lambert-St. Louis Airport (STL)

Location: St. Ann, MO

Restaurant Menu


For those with experience flying in and out of Class B airspace and are toward the southern part of the Midwest, Bandana’s BBQ is located just across the street from Lambert-St. Louis Airport. Get some authentic southern-style meats, seasoned with a dry rub, cooked sauceless and hand-cut to order straight from the smoker. 

Pistol Pete’s

Airport: Schaumburg Regional Airport (06C)

Location: Schaumburg, IL

Restaurant Menu


This festive restaurant, known as “Chicagoland’s Aviation-Themed Eatery”, offers a perfect place to dine for those traveling through the heart of Illinois. Fill up on lobster or chilli nachos, several signature soups, salads, sandwiches as well as savory daily specials.

Wing’s Café

Airport: Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport (BRD)

Location: Brainerd, MN

Restaurant Menu


This small café, nestled in the general aviation wing of Brainerd Regional Airport since the 1960s, is known for its charm and exceptional food. Even though it’s currently take-out only, it’s soon to open back to dine-in patrons. With all-day breakfast and an otherwise full menu of delightful comfort foods, you’re sure to find the perfect meal here.

Patriot Wings

Airport: Mason City Airport (MCW)

Location: Clear Lake, IA

Restaurant Menu


With a stellar menu and equally stellar view right next to the airstrip, Patriot Wings is the ideal place for a pilot to unwind with a nice, post-flight meal. Offering up fare like fine steaks, fried chicken, burgers and extensive Saturday brunch, as well as an extensive cocktail selection.


Airport: Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD)

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Restaurant Menu


On the eastern side of South Dakota, Sioux Falls Airport offers few dining options, however SkyDine makes up for the lack of choice. This restaurant specializes in tasty, wood-fired pizza, as well as other American-style fare and full bar. Plus, guests are treated to a beautiful panoramic view of the airfield.

Lion’s Tap

Airport: Flying Cloud Airport (FCM)

Location: Eden Prairie, MN

Restaurant Menu


While not technically inside the airport grounds, Lion’s Tap is just a short 5-minute walk from FCM. This classic establishment serving up classic American Fare has won several awards for their burgers, and are extremely popular among locals in the Twin Cities. One reviewer even had this to say about their burgers: “I [kid] you not my friend, that was the best burger I’ve ever eaten in my life.”

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