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Popular Recreational Areas in Plymouth Minnesota

Popular Recreational Areas in Plymouth, Minnesota. Nestled in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Plymouth is home to some fantastic recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. From its many lakes, expansive parks, extensive trail systems and beyond, this town is a sweet slice of nature within the larger urban pie that is the Twin Cities.

So, if you’re looking to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, here are 10 popular recreational areas in Plymouth, MN.


1) Parker’s Lake Park

This park, on the shore of Parker’s Lake in western Plymouth, is well known for its grassy, shady spots to lay-out a blanket, enjoy a picnic or play yard games. Or, go for a swim at the beach, play with the little ones on the playground or ice skate during winter.


2) West Medicine Lake Park

Medicine Lake is a great mid-sized metro lake, and the park on the west side is equally fantastic. This lakeside recreational retreat offers plenty of wilderness trails, a playground and picnic pavilions, as well as public boat launch and beach.


3) Clifton E. French Regional Park

Medicine Lake’s other popular park is Clifton E. French. Here, you’ll find plenty of lake-based activities, from swimming to fishing to paddle board and kayak rental. With lighted trails on the grounds, it’s a great place for an evening stroll or bike ride. For those with children, you’re sure to enjoy the iconic playground, recently redesigned in 2016, that features six slides, a 28-foot tower and dedicated area for small children.


4) Mooney & Gleason Lakes

Both of these land-locked lakes offer plenty of great shore and bridge fishing opportunities. With their flat, weedy bottoms, they offer great fishing for sunnies, bluegill and other panfish. Plus, they’re located just two miles away from each other, so you can even walk or bike between the two and decide which one is your favorite.


5)  Eagle Lake Golf

This short, 9-hole golf course offers a mix of three- and four-par holes, and is the perfect place for both youth and novice golfers. Located on two old farmsteads within Eagle Lake Regional Park, golfers will find a laid-back atmosphere, friendly employees at the club house and plenty of on-course instructional opportunities.


6) Fairway Greens Park

Another place for golf enthusiasts to explore is Fairway Greens Park — although the area is not a full golf course as the name would imply. The park does, however, have an on-site putting green where you can sharpen your short game. Other amenities include the Fairway Greenway, which is a hiking trail with plenty of hills, wetlands and even a place to repair your bike. 


7) Luce Line

Plymouth’s main bike trail is known as Luce Line, running 63 miles west toward the small town of Cosmos, with the trailhead in south Plymouth. Here, you’ll find a softer limestone path, great for biking, jogging and walking alike. With the added parallel treadway for horseback riding, you can even take Nellie for a jaunt.


8) Millennium Gardens

Located on the grounds of Plymouth Creek Center, this public garden area offers beautiful scenery among bushels of flowers, fountains and wild areas. The area also provides plenty of walkways and trails, making it the perfect spot for a picturesque stroll.


9) Swan Lake Park

This quaint, 16-acre park is located three miles northwest of Silver Lake on Swan Lake Road. With wide open spaces, trails and a picnic shelter that’s available for rent at $35 a day, it’s the perfect place to gather with close friends and family and enjoy a summer day.


10) Gateway Park

A perfect place for the little ones to burn off some energy, Gateway Park is known for its eclectic, well-kept playgrounds, sandpit and climbing equipment. Parents can also take their kids on a walk along the wide, un-cluttered trails.



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