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7 Tips to Save Money on Travel

When it comes to traveling, your wallet can sure take a hit – but, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of strategies to Save Money on Travel. You can use in order to cut back on extraneous, over-the-top expenses that start to rack up over the course of your vacation, business trip or other adventure. 

Cutting back on expenses doesn’t mean less fun – in fact, it can lead to more creative things to do that keep you and your party entertained. Plus, if you can keep expenses low enough, you may even be able to save enough for another trip down the line.

So, if you’re looking for ways to keep your bank account happy on an upcoming trip, here are seven ways you can save money traveling.


1) There’s Always Something Free to Do

No matter what town you’re in – be it an urban metropolis or a sleepy beach town, there’s always something free to do. Whether that’s a free day at a local museum or tourist site, or find a nearby park or recreation area to lounge at. Plus, many of these places offer discounts for certain demographics, like children, students or senior citizens.

2) Choose the Right Time of Week

We all know that the weekend is the busiest time for travelers, and airfares and hotel prices reflect that fact. That’s why it’s best to time your travels for the middle of the week when airplane tickets are at their cheapest, or starting on a Sunday when hotels usually see a lull in bookings.

3) Sign Up for a Travel Credit Card

For those that can afford a new credit card, there are plenty of options available that cater to frequent travelers. For example, the Chase Sapphire Preserve offers 2X rewards on travel and dining expenses. Airlines like Delta and Southwest, among others, offer their own credit cards that you can use for their specific offerings.

4) Forego the Fancy Accommodations

Instead of reserving a suite in a five-star hotel that’s likely to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, why not rough it at a campsite for a few nights? Plus, camping isn’t just super affordable (and sometimes free in the right areas), it’s great fun for the entire family and lets you reconnect with nature. Plus, with the money you save on hotels, you could use some of it to rent an RV or camper and upgrade your experience.

5) Travel in the Off Season

Traveling during the off season is sure to help you lower overall costs, especially if you’re intended destination is a tourist hotspot. High season in Paris, for instance, lasts from June through September, whereas in St. Pete’s, Florida, prices go up from October through March. Do some research on your destination city so you can plan accordingly.

6) Find Affordable Travel Destinations

Using our example above as an example, the costs of a trip to Paris vs. Florida will vary wildly. Likewise, a trip to Florida will probably be more expensive than a trip to Arkansas. What we’re getting at is that every destination will provide its own set of unique experiences—as well as expenses. Choosing an affordable destination will help you cut down on costs overall.

7) Fly Yourself

Rather than paying an airfare, sitting through security and potentially getting delayed or canceled, you may want to consider renting a plane and flying yourself. If you’re a pilot, you can save boatloads on traveling, particularly if you fly a lot throughout the year. Not only do costs come down the more often you fly, but the added level of comfort, convenience and quickness a private plane provides is something that can’t be valued in monetary terms. 

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