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7 Benefits of Flying Yourself to a Vacation Destination

If you’ve always thought about getting a pilot license, your upcoming vacation may provide the perfect motivation to do so. Rather than deal with the hassles of commercial airlines, flying yourself provides a number of benefits that will make the overall experience exponentially better.

Here are seven reasons to fly yourself to your next vacation destination – let’s take a look!


1) Travel to More Secluded Destinations

There are a ton of secluded destinations that you can fly yourself to, providing the perfect get away from the hustle and bustle of big-city living. However, many of those destinations are nowhere near major airports that service commercial airlines. From primitive campsites in the wilderness, private cabin retreats, quaint, small-town accomodations and beyond, flying yourself lets you explore uncharted territory throughout the lesser-visited areas of our beautiful country.

2) Stay Away from Crowds

Particularly since the pandemic started, staying away from crowds may be of the utmost importance to you, your spouse and children, as well as your extended family and friends—and there aren’t many places more crowded than a busy airport. According to Forbes, only Alaska Airlines, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue and Southwest are actively limiting seating capacity to follow social distancing requirements. Unless you’re on one of those airlines, you’ll have to endure sitting within touching distance of other passengers. When you fly yourself, you can rent a plane that has as much cargo or passenger space as you need. Plus, there’s no crowds to worry about beyond the family and friends you bring along.

3) A More Memorable Experience

If you travel on a major airline for vacation, you’re probably dreading the long security lines, potential frisk-search, potential delays and cramped seats. In other words, you’ll likely try to forget the whole experience as soon as you deplane. Flying your own plane, however, is an exciting, memorable experience in and of itself. Even if the vacation destination turns out to be less than stellar, you (and particularly any children or friends along for the trip) are sure to have a great time on the way there and back.

4) Free Up Your Travel Itinerary

When flying via commercial airlines, you’re stuck to their itineraries and ticket costs. When flights are changed, overbooked, delayed or canceled, you could be on the hook for vacation expenses like pre-paid accommodations, tours or other activities that you’re missing out on. Being a pilot means that you can plan your travel itineraries at your own discretion, leaving when you wish, traveling where you want. Not only that you can travel between multiple destinations quicker than with a car, train or bus.

5) Fly in Comfort

One of the major benefits of flying yourself vs. taking a commercial flight is that you can control your level of comfort. Anyone that flies regularly knows that commercial airlines do everything they can to squeeze more and more people onto their airplanes. And, as mentioned before, many airlines aren’t taking proper social-distance requirements into account. So, not only will you be crammed onto a commercial plane like a sardine, you have the potential transmission of an airborne virus to worry about. Depending on the plane you end up flying, whether you rent or own, it can be quite a comfortable experience in your own aircraft. The Piper Arrow IV, for example, has a roomy interior, heavy useful load weight, and best-in-class heating and ventilation, as well as other options to improve the overall comfort of your flight. And for more advanced pilots, twin-engine jets provide a truly luxury in-air experience.

6) Live Out Your Impulses

Some people simply get an itch to travel, wanting to get away as soon as possible. When you own or rent an airplane, living out these impulses become much easier and more affordable than buying commercial tickets on short notice. Are you in need of rest and relaxation at a lakeside retreat? Do you want to catch a major upcoming sporting event in person? Perhaps you want to visit old friends in some far-off corner of the country. Wherever you want to go, for whatever reason, all you have to do is hop in the cockpit, fire up the engine and take-off toward your next vacation destination.

7) Save Time

When you fly commercial, drive, take a train or bus, you’ll waste precious vacation time on the act of traveling itself. You can be on the beach, skiing down the mountain, hiking scenic trails or whatever else in no time when you’re a pilot who can craft a personalized flight plan. So, spend less time dealing with the hassles of traditional travel and more time enjoying your vacation by flying yourself.

Fly yourself and enjoy a better vacation

When you have the skills to fly an airplane, you can shuttle yourself, family and friends to these and other great destinations throughout the world. No more dealing with the hassles of commercial airlines, large crowds and complex travel itineraries – just hop in the cockpit, set your coordinates and take-off toward your next vacation spot.


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