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6 Aquatic Attractions for Boaters in Excelsior, MN

Excelsior, Minnesota is home to some of the best aquatic activities in the entire state. Residents of this small, but affluent suburb enjoy access to exclusive, expensive real estate along Lake Minnetonka, making it the perfect place for serious boaters. Midwesterners of all types travel to the shores of Excelsior Bay to enjoy lake-side fun, fishing, cruising, docking, a summer party or two, and much more.

So if you’re looking for a boat-friendly retreat this summer, here are five top-notch attractions for boaters in Excelsior, MN.


1) Drop In At Carson Bay and Explore 15,000 Acres of Water

The closest public boat launch to Excelsior is Carson Bay Boat Launch, just east of Excelsior Bay. From here, you can explore almost 15,000 acres of one of Minnesota’s largest and most active lakes. With plenty of small, but affluent towns and bays such as Excelsior that dot its lakeshores, there are plenty of places to stop to enjoy local attractions, grab a bite to eat, as well as drop anchor or tow the tube around.


2) Boat-Up Dining

Maynards is a favorite amongst the neighborhood, located on a wharf off Excelsior Bay. Even though they don’t have dine-in options right now, they do have take out, so just call XX and place your order for boat-side delivery. Another option is The Caribbean Marina, which also supplies gas, storage and other marine services.


3) Enjoy Great Fishing Spots

Hire a professional guide and find out where all the hot fishing holes are around and near Excelsior Bay. Tons of companies offer professional fishing guide services, along with gear and boat rental for an extra fee. Not only do these guides show you where to catch the big ones, they’ll give you individual instruction, tips and tricks, so you’re sure to come out on the other end a better fisherman.  


4) Charter a Boat / Take a Cruise

There are plenty of boat cruises on Minnetonka, available through various charter companies that offer both public and private experiences. Guests can pick from yachts to larger cruise ships to smaller boats. Or, public charter boats offer fun activities while you set sail, like the Sunday Brunch Cruise for $35 through Wayzata Boat Charters.  


5) Excelsior Commons

To stave off sea legs, tie-up your boat on the docks along Excelsior Commons and enjoy some fun as a land-lover for a change. This open-space common area is the perfect place to walk around, do a little shopping, grab some ice cream or just set up a spot on the open grass field and hang out. It’s close enough to the water that it feels much like a real west-coast beach town, and even those who don’t want to spend money can take-in a sunset against the gorgeous backdrop of Lake Minnetonka.


6) Explore More Than Just Lake Minnetonka

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, there’s always a new body of water to explore, right around the corner. And Excelsior is no exception to this rule. There are several nearby lakes and rivers within Excelsior that provide their own unique value to boaters compared to the giant Lake Minnetonka. For instance — escape the crowds, loud jet boats, massive charter boats and choppy waves that accompany a day out on Lake Minnetonka, and drop your boat in at Christmas Lake. This small, quiet, lake covers just 265 acres, but has the best water clarity (20 feet) in the Minneapolis metro area, thanks to the fact that it’s spring fed and has a sandy bottom. And, thanks to the minimal amount of other boaters, it provides the perfect place to open up your engine and get the excitement of top speed. 


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