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5 Reasons You Should Rent a Plane and Fly Yourself

When it comes to travel, whether for business or vacation, the hassles of major airports and commercial flights can be overwhelming to many. Cramped seats, delayed flights, long security lines—not to mention the increased risk that COVID-19 has presented to ticket holders—and it’s easy to see why renting a plane and flying yourself has become an attractive option for travelers of all types.

So, if you’ve been searching for a better way to get from point A to B, here are five excellent advantages you stand to gain when you are able to fly a plane.

1) Personalized Travel Itineraries

There’s no denying the fact that airlines can wreak havoc on your system, thanks to hectic itineraries. Red-eyes, long layovers and tight transfers, among other things, can make flying tiresome and stressful. Renting a plane and flying yourself, however, opens up the door to fully personalized travel itineraries. As long as weather cooperates, you can take-off when  you want, travel to any number of amazing small-plane airports and enjoy more time at your destination. 

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2) Get Complete Privacy

Vacation is much better when you’re only with family and friends, rather than crammed onto a commercial plane among strangers. Likewise, on a business trip, you’re free to speak amongst your peers about upcoming business meetings or professional events. Renting a plane gives you privacy you won’t find on other forms of transportation – and it makes the entire experience that much more enjoyable.

3) Great For Low-Hour Flyers

Renting is much more affordable for those pilots that don’t fly a crazy-high number of hours throughout the year. You should consider purchasing your own aircraft when you hit 100 hours of flight time or more over the course of a year. A plane, even small personal aircraft, costs thousands of dollars in the downpayment alone (not to mention interest, insurance, maintenance, storage and loan payments), while renting can be as low as $100 an hour. Inflight Pilot Training, for example, has a Cessna 152 for rent at just $105 an hour for club members.

4) Builds Experience

If you’re somewhat new to flying, renting a plane and flying yourself to various destinations lets you build up experience, hours and the potential for further certification. Plus, if you’re interested in purchasing a plane in the future, it allows you to sample several different models and drill down into the features and functionalities important to you.

5) Bring Others Along – Even the Pets!

As exhilarating as flying your own plane is, it’s even more so when you have others along for the ride. Available aircraft for rent ranges from small, two-seat prop aircraft, to large twin-engine jets and beyond. Depending on your certification level (and your budget), you can rent a plane with enough space for you and a few close family members or jet that’s big enough to transport a whole group of friends—even Fido! 

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Rent a Plane and Remove Travel Restrictions

When you rent a plane, you gain the freedom to travel how you want, where you want and when you want. No more dealing with the stresses of traveling via commercial airline, a lengthy trip driving by car or the nightmares of public transportation – renting a plane and flying yourself gives you all the advantages to make your travel experience a positive one.


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