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8 Aviation Museums in Minnesota

Aviation Museums in Minnesota

When it comes to aviation history, Museums in Minnesota is chock-full of great museums celebrating everything from famous pilots, legendary aircraft and significant military art facts and much more. Let’s take a look at eight awesome aviation museums in the great Gopher State! *Note that COVID-19 restrictions may affect museum operating hours. Visit their respective […]

Top 10 Ferraris of All Time

Ferraris of All Time Inflightpilottraining

Top 10 Ferraris are some of the finest automotive machines to ever have been built. And as fans of state-of-the-art vehicles ourselves, whether it be airplanes, boats or high-performance cars, we thought we’d satisfy our need for excitement by taking a look at the top 10 Ferraris of all time. Ladies and gentlemen, start your […]

15 Action-Packed Videos of Planes Racing Cars

Inflightpilottraining Videos of planes Racing Cars

There’s nothing more exciting than the roar of a high-performance car and the sheer power of state-of-the-art aircraft – and these videos prove it.  There’s one theme that you’ll probably pick up on pretty quickly, however: Planes Racing Cars are pretty much always faster (but we’re not here to brag). Take a look at some […]

7 Tips to Save Money on Travel

Save Money on Travel

When it comes to traveling, your wallet can sure take a hit – but, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of strategies to Save Money on Travel. You can use in order to cut back on extraneous, over-the-top expenses that start to rack up over the course of your vacation, business trip […]

What Are the Best Airplanes to Rent and Fly Yourself?

Airplane Rental and Fly Yourself?

Are you searching for the perfect aircraft Rental for your upcoming vacation, business trip or solo cross-country excursion? From student pilots to seasoned airmen, the type of airplane rental can affect several things, from your comfort level to the amount of time you spend in the air to the number of passengers you can bring […]

Best Shopping Destinations in Edina, MN

Inflightpilottraining - Shopping Destinations

The affluent suburb of Edina, Minnesota is home to plenty of high-end shopping Edina establishments, making it the ideal destination for those in search of the best retail therapy in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. From luxury women’s fashion to expensive footwear to swanky home goods and beyond, it’s easy to max out your credit […]