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How Owning an Airplane can Save You Time

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, dealing with commercial airlines can be a massive drain on your time and stretches your schedule thin. When you own a plane however, you gain the power to travel when and where you want. No more layovers, lost luggage, and long security lines; just you and the open sky. If you’re ready to take control of your schedule, here are a few ways owning an airplane can save you time – let’s go!

Travel When You Like

With the freedom to travel on your own airplane, you can optimize your schedule and get more done in less time. For instance, you can fly to the next state over for a business meeting in the morning, and be back at home base by lunchtime to finish out the work day. So, rather than being stuck to the flight schedules of commercial airlines, owning a plane allows you to craft your own schedule around your personal schedule.

Travel to Smaller, Remote Airports

When you’re restricted to buying tickets through commercial airlines, you can only go to so many airports. When you own an airplane, however, you can access hundreds of smaller airports around the U.S. that don’t accommodate larger passenger jets. So, whether you have a business meeting in a remote part of the country or you want to land closer to your end destination, having access to smaller airports can save you a ton of time in the long run.

Don’t Mess Around with Delays and Cancellations

We all know what it’s like getting stuck on a layover, dealing with canceled flights and waiting through delays. These time-drains are all too common when it comes to flying on major airlines. When you have the ability to fly yourself, you control when you take off and reach your destination. Shuffling around things becomes much easier when you own your own plane, as well. Say, for example, a business client needs to reschedule a meeting at the last minute, it’s much easier to just move your flight plan to the next day, compared to canceling a major airline ticket and trying to get a refund.

Skip TSA Lines

Long security lines are essentially a given at any major airport in the U.S. Rigorous bag screenings, x-ray scanning and pat-downs keep weary travelers shuffling through hour-plus-long waits. Instead of going to the airport several hours before your flight to get through security, owning an airplane saves you a ton of time, allowing you to skip the TSA line and hop straight into the cockpit and take off toward your destination. Skipping these types of inconveniences make your trips that much more efficient.

Never Worry About Losing Luggage

There’s few worse feelings than arriving at your destination, only to realize that your luggage didn’t make it to the same place. Not only does it waste time, it can cost money, particularly if you’re on an important business trip and need dress clothes, meeting supplies or client gifts. As a pilot, you’re responsible for your own luggage – and it’s as simple as securing it somewhere inside the plane!

Save Time – Own An Airplane: In Conclusion

Now that you know why owning your own plane can save time, you can start researching options into purchasing or renting an airplane. Whether you’re sick of the delays, security lines or other restrictions brought on by the big airlines, owning an airplane gives you the power to take complete control of your trips, whether you travel for business or pleasure. 

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