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Enjoying the Away Game: Best Sports Destinations to Fly To (USA)

Even though the immediate future of many major sports have been delayed for the time being, we thought we’d share some of the top sports destinations in the USA so you can plan for the next big sports outing when things return to normal. Even though times are tough, like our favorite professional players, we’ll endure through tough times and come out stronger than ever. So, if you’re dreaming about making the trip to see that robbed home run, hole-in-one or half-court buzzerbeater in person – here are the best sports destinations you can fly to. 


1) Atlanta Olympics

Atlanta, GA

Nearest Airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL)

The famous Centennial Olympic Games took place in Atlanta, GA in 1996, where several stadiums and parks were built specifically for use. Today, they’ve been repurposed to serve as great areas to lounge outdoors or see a ball game at the former Olympic Stadium, now home to the Braves’ baseball Stadium. On-site museums give visitors the background and history of the team which got its start in Boston in the mid 1800s. Only an hour and a half away in Royston is the Ty Cobb Museum, built as an homage to the Baseball Hall of Fame’s first inductee.


2) Rose Bowl Stadium

Pasadena, CA

Nearest Airport: San Gabriel Valley Airport (KEMT)

Rose Bowl Stadium has become synonymous with elite college football, however since the 1920s, it has been host of the Olympics and FIFA world cups, among other iconic sports gatherings. Each year during the Rose Bowl, also known as “The Granddaddy of Them All”, hundreds of thousands of fans descend on Pasadena to watch the championship game and enjoy festivities. If you want to see what’s considered one of the hardest-fought contests in all of college football, set your coordinates toward the Golden State.


3) Field of Dreams

Dyersville, Iowa

Nearest Airport: Dyersville Area Airport (IA8)

Even though it was built for a movie that came out over thirty years ago, the movie “Field of Dreams” is a sports destination that celebrates the timelessness of baseball. Located in Dyersville in central Iowa, tourists flock to the baseball diamond and farm house featured in the film to play pick-up games, take pictures and learn about the history of baseball. Recreate the famous image of Shoeless Joe Jackson and teammates coming out from the cornfield to join in on a game of ball.

4) Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium

Tampa, FL

Nearest Airport: Tampa North Aero Park (X39)

Super Bowl LV, the 55th Super Bowl, hasn’t been postponed or cancelled, and as of now will go on as scheduled. If you’re already making plans, then set your sights on Tampa, where the championship game will be held on February 7, 2021 at Raymond James Stadium. Of course, the teams that end up making it to the final game are still up in the air, but if history is any guide, the game will be one of the most exciting of the season.

5) Allianz Field

Twin Cities, MN

Nearest Airport: St. Paul Downtown Airport (KSTP)

Just over a year old, Allianz Field is the recently built MLS stadium for the professional soccer team, Minnesota Loons. An almost 20,000-capacity venue, the stadium features a 120- x 75-foot natural grass playing field and four hospitality clubs. And that’s not all the Twin Cities have to offer. The Twin Cities have been rapidly growing in terms of a sports destination in recent years, with the newly built $1-billion Viking’s Stadium, growing amateur St. Paul Saints baseball team owned by Bill Murray and the winningest WNBA team, the Lynx. In the winter, don’t forget about hockey – while the Minnesota Wild is still relatively young (having started in 2000), the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers are one of the elite college hockey teams in the country.


6) The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club

Augusta, GA

Nearest Airport: Augusta Regional Airport at Bush Field (KAGS)

The greatest game in golf is The Masters. Anyone serious about watching the pros drive and putt should consider this premier sports destination. As one of four major golf tournaments in the sport, it’s something golf fans look forward to every year. This year, due to the national pandemic, the tournament was postponed, so there may still be a chance to see the tournament this year. However, it’s usually scheduled for the first full week in April, meaning you can start making plans for 2021, since it is always held at the same course, Augusta National Golf Club. 


7) Basketball Hall of Fame

Springfield, MA

Nearest Airport: Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport (KBAF)

For basketball fans, the extensive Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame should be on your must-see list. Not only is it the basketball’s most comprehensive collection of basketball memorabilia, literature and other history, it’s arguably the most comprehensive hall of fame among any major American sport because it honors both international and American professionals and amateurs.


8) Park City Mountain Resort

Park City, Utah

Nearest Airport: Heber Valley Airport (KHCR)

For those with a more extreme sense of sporting adventure, set your coordinates toward Park City. Tucked in the Wasatch Mountains, this resort is one of the top skiing/snowboarding destinations in the U.S., and home to plenty of great runs and professional tournaments alike. Plus, Utah Olympic Park, home of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games is just a short drive away, where you can experience nordic jumps, bobsled track, Olympics Museum and Ski Museum, a day lodge, summer aerial training jumps and splash pool, ziplines and a mountain coaster.


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