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Best Places to Fly: 8 High-Stakes Gambling Destinations in the U.S.

Anyone interested in high-stakes gambling will want to know these top-tier destinations – let’s get started! High-rollers that are able to drop bucco bucks without limit and remember, whenever you want to pack up your bags and head to one of these great destinations, all you need is a private pilot license. Inflight Pilot Training can help you gain the freedom afforded by flying yourself. Learn more about our private pilot programs here.

1) Las Vegas, NV

Nearest Airport: Las Vegas Municipal Airport (KLVS)

Las Vegas is the king of gambling destinations and deep-pocket travelers come from all over the world just to have a chance to make a fortune. Its casinos are known around the world for their high-limit card games, poker rooms and slot machines. Plus, it’s home to 15 of the world’s largest hotels, right on the famous strip, which makes it a great place to stay as well. And, after all, you know what they say — “Viva Las Vegas!”

2) Reno, NV

Nearest Airport: Reno/Stead Airport (KRTS)

Known as “the biggest little city in the world”, Reno is a more subdued version of Vegas, but it’s not without its high-stakes opportunities. It was once known as the gambling capital of the nation before Las Vegas grew to its current form, thanks to its two dozen casinos offering non-stop action. Plus, if you get bored of the slots, you can take a trip to nearby Lake Tahoe for a recreational adventure.

3) Atlantic City, NJ

Nearest Airport: Atlantic City Airport (KACY)

On the East Coast, Atlantic City takes the cake for the premier gambling destination. Filled with plenty of casinos, nightlife, hotels and restaurants, any visitor is sure to have a great time here. Check out the Borgata Casino and Hotel, as well as the Water Club for a high-stakes poker game, or go to Caesars Palace on the Boardwalk and place some bets or shop around at the many retail options.

4) Deadwood, SD

Nearest Airport: Black Hills Airport (KSPF)

This beautiful, historic town offers something completely unique when compared to the previous three on our list – and it’s called Deadwood, South Dakota. The name itself harkens back to a time when cowboys would sit around a table in a smokey saloon and play a game of Three Card Monte. And it hasn’t lost much of that Old West charm, either. Considered one of the best mountain gambling towns in the U.S., Deadwood offers dozens of small- to large-sized casinos that have more than enough high-stakes action to bring in the big bucks, all within a picturesque setting.

5) Louisville, KY

Nearest Airport: Louisville International Airport (SDF)

Not every gambling destination on this list is a casino town. Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby, one of the best places in the world for horse betting. This race, the first leg of the coveted Triple Crown, is run on the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs Racetrack. As one of three Triple Crown races, the winning team receives prize money in the amount of $1.5 million, which makes it a great spectator event. If you’re looking for gambling excitement on four legs, this is it. Read more about top horse racing tracks here.

6) Thackerville, OK

Nearest Airport: Gainesville Municipal Airport (KGLE)

In terms of size, Thackerville is home to the largest casino in the country. WinStar World Casino offers more than 500,000 square feet of floor space, with countless slots, massive bingo area, and table after table of card games, roulette, craps and more. Plus, it’s an all-in-one venue, with tons of dining, accommodations and entertainment, from mixed-martial arts fights to golf driving competitions and more.

7) Biloxi, MS

Nearest Airport: Gulfport-Biloxi Airport (KGPT)

Even though Mississippi has only had legalized gambling for a couple decades, Biloxi has become one of the mainstays among casino-goers across the country. For those that don’t like the over-the-top vibe of Las Vegas and want something more subdued, this is a great option. It’s home to a large cluster of casinos that were first river boats, but have now moved inland, with more than 12 in and around the city. 

8) New Orleans, LA

Nearest Airport: Lakefront Airport (KNEW)

While it may be well-known for other things like Mardi Gras, its historic French Quarter and unique architecture, New Orleans is also a fantastic gambling destination. In fact, this town was the heart of gambling in the early 19th century, thanks to the number of travelers coming along the Mississippi River. Today, river boat gambling remains a popular pastime and all of the boats offer a number of games that will suit any high roller.

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