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10 Luxury Watches, Perfect for an Aviator

Are you searching for a luxury watch that can keep up with your aviation-focused lifestyle? As a pilot, a watch isn’t just an accessory, it’s a necessary tool when flying, important for keeping track of time and making calculations on the go. That’s why it’s so essential to choose a device that matches your needs and style. And there are plenty of options to pick from. 

Here are 10 luxury watches that are perfect for an aviator – let’s get started!


1) Rolex: GMT-Master

Price: $10,250

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Designed for Pan American Airways pilots in 1954, the Rolex GMT-Master is built for those pilots undergoing long, rigorous international flights. The rotating bezel, a breakthrough in its day, was a sensation among those Pan Am pilots, allowing them to switch between two time zones. Throughout the years, the GMT-Master has become a classic, worn by pilots throughout the world to this day.

2) IWC: Big Pilot’s Watch

Price: $12,900

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The 2016 redesign of this iconic watch offers a modern take that doesn’t forgo its best qualities. The Big Pilot’s Watch features automatic winding, a 46-mm water-resistant case and an attractive conical crown casing. The legendary Junkers JU-52 plane is engraved on the case back and a black calfskin strap compliments the watch face.

3) Breitling: Colt Skyracer

Price: $2,000

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Built for the adventurous, the Breitling Colt Skyracer is a dynamic and striking watch within a light and sturdy casing. Plus, its removable rubber strap makes it comfortable and customizable. Check out this Swiss-made watch if you need a luxury option that’s on the more affordable end of the market.

4) Bell & Ross: Collection Aviation BR

Price: $3,500

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The Collection Aviation BR watch’s unique square face is matched by the innovativeness of its aeronautical instrumentation. A combination of durability and sleakness gives this model strong marks in airspeed, distance and time-keeping. For a high-end chronograph with a design that’s as sporty as it is sophisticated, take a look at this pilot watch.

5) Abington Co.: Jackie

Price: $595

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From the first company dedicated solely to women’s pilot watches, Abington Co. presents “Jackie”. This elegant chronograph offers over 60 Swarovski crystals or real diamonds on a rotating bezel. Jackie also features an E6B flight calculator in case of instrument failure, as well as division, multiplication and currency transfer capabilities. 

6) G-Shock: MRG 2000HB-1A

Price: $5,500

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This G-Shock watch is at the top of the pack within the MR-G collection, packing a bluetooth and GPS radio-controlled solar-powered timekeeping into a dignified design. Using traditional tsuiki-style metal hammering, a traditional Japanese production practice for armor, copperware and other metalware, the watch faces are carefully hand-hammered by lone artisans. Additional features include shock resistance and a three-way engine for accurate timekeeping across the globe.

7) Tag Heuer: Carrera

Price: $25,500

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Even with a diameter of 45 mm, the Tag Heuer Carrera is one of the most intricate watches within the company’s collection. A Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC)-certified chronometer, this watch was engineered to provide extreme precision, whether it’s telling time, determining airspeed or calculating distance.

8) Patek Philippe: 5524G-001

Price: $40,000

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Within an 18-karat gold case and white gold bezel (rather than stainless steel like most pilot watches), this Patek Philippe watch is for those that take time-keeping seriously. There’s nothing else like it in the entire company’s collection; providing a sense of high-style and reliable technology. Other features include scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, transparent backing case and water resistance up to 200 feet.

9) Tutima M2 Chronograph 6450-02

Price: $5,900

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Tutima is a pilot watch company known for its uncompromising stance when it comes to functionality, technology and reliability. Originally developed in 1984, The NATO chronograph serves as the official service watch of German army pilots to this day, after proving itself more than competent for global flight use. The M2 offers the same precision that will help any aviator make necessary calculations on the go.

10) Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph

Price: $21,000

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This automatic, self-winding watch comes in a brushed, stainless-steel case with a silver dial. As one of the more expensive on this list, you’ll get what you pay for when you choose the Overseas Chronograph — including a large double calendar window, large hands, stainless steel bracelet and much more. 

In Conclusion: Luxury Aviation Watches

Now that you have some awesome aviation watches to pick from, you can slim down the choice to what matches your needs and style. Whether you need a reliable calculator, time tracker, something fashionable or a combination of all three, there’s something for everyone on this list.  So, before you hop in the cockpit and take off, don’t forget a crucial piece of equipment for all aviators – a trusty pilot watch!