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From Buying a Second Home to Traveling the World: Best Ways to Spend Retirement

Are you approaching retirement or thinking about the day that you can step back from your career and focus on enjoying the golden years? With an excess of time and the freedom to spend it however you wish, this time of your life presents new challenges and opportunities. So, whether you’re interested in buying a vacation home, learning a new skill, reconnecting with family or something else, there are plenty of amazing things you can do with your newfound freedom during retirement.

Buy a Vacation Home

One of the best ways to spend your retirement—at least part of the time—is at a special vacation retreat spot like a beach house or secluded cabin in the woods. Perhaps you want to be closer to the grandkids, but are having a tough time leaving the comforts of home. A vacation or second home in that case can give you plenty of opportunities to get away when you want, in the place that you want.


Learn a New Skill

Whatever you’re interested in learning, be it painting, cooking, needlepoint or something else, learning a new skill is a productive way to spend your retirement years. If you’re interested in a new challenge that you’ve never had the opportunity to try before, take a look at online courses, or even at your local community college, small businesses, parks and recreation centers or hobby stores. Personally, we think learning to fly is a great option for retirees and provides you with the freedom to travel whenever and wherever you want. Becoming a pilot also has a number of other great benefits for retirees, as well.


Reconnect with Family

Retirement frees up a ton of time, giving you the perfect opportunity to reconnect with family members and friends who you may have lost touch with over the course of your life. And, with the advent of social media, it’s never been easier to track down cousins, college roommates, high school sweethearts or anyone else you want to get back in touch with. Rekindling a relationship can always bring new joy to your social life.


Return to Old Hobbies

Has your garden gone by the wayside as you worked long hours? Did you like to play a musical instrument when you were younger? Maybe you’re a want-to-be woodworking master. Whatever hobby has drifted away from you, retirement provides you with the time to revisit it, giving you a sense of passion.



Retirees can build up their own sense of goodwill by volunteering, whether it’s a local cause or through a national organization like the Senior Corps. Not only will you feel better and be helping the less fortunate, but you’ll build new skills, widen your social net and boost your outlook. Those over 55 can start with the Senior Corps, which is like the Peace Corps but for people over the age of 55. Volunteers can donate their time tutoring, mentoring, becoming a foster grandparent or assisting disaster victims, among other things.


Travel the World

Travel is an extremely popular activity among retirement-age individuals, many of whom join special retiree groups that travel together. From day trips to cruises to international travel and beyond, a consistent travel schedule will have you feeling a youthful exuberance as you cross off locations from your bucket list. Have you ever considered renting an RV and traversing through the country’s national parks? Or maybe take that dream cruise trip around the Carribean? Perhaps you want to get a pilot’s license and see all the destinations North America has to offer. Retirement gives you the freedom to explore uncharted regions that have always interested you.  


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