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The Personal and Professional Advantages of Early Retirement

If you’ve made the right preparations throughout your life, early retirement is an achievable goal. People who have been smart with their finances and can support health insurance costs, among other expenses, may be lucky enough to decide for themselves when they’re ready to retire. So, if you’re someone who’s ready to give up the grind and move onto something better, here are a few personal and professional advantages of early retirement that you can look forward to.

Spend More Time with Family

Even if you had a relatively good work-life balance throughout your career, early retirement lets you hang it up and spend time with the people who matter to you – your family. Now is the time to relax and reconnect with your spouse, take your kids on vacation or visit relatives and in-laws who you haven’t seen in a while. 


Spend More Time with Friends

You may think that because you’re retiring early, none of your non-retiree friends will be around to hang out. While that may be the case with some people, many still lead active social lives outside of work. Plus, there are a ton of groups that you can join to improve socialization opportunities, from traveling with a retiree organization to volunteering through the Senior Corps to getting active in local sports leagues and more.  


Stay in Better Health

Once you retire early, you’re no longer a slave to the alarm clock, you can get outside and get regular exercise, and you’re not confined to sitting at a desk for hours on end. Plus, you avoid all the stress that comes along with working. You will, however, need access to health care since Medicare isn’t available until you and your spouse are both past the ages of 65. If you don’t have private insurance, there are other options that include federal exchanges via the Affordable Care Act and group retiree programs.


Gain a More Positive Outlook on Life

When you’re working long hours in a grueling profession, it’s sometimes difficult to see the positives in life. With early retirement, you can learn to slow down, stop chasing happiness and let happiness find you. After all, with more time spent with family, leading an active lifestyle and pursue your various interests, you’re bound to have a better disposition.


Pursue the Profession You’ve Always Wanted

Maybe you have a new business idea, a side gig that you want to spend more time on or even some whacky invention, early retirement allows you to leave your job and focus on your dream. If you can make money pursuing what you love, then that gives you even more incentive to retire early. Plus, without the constant job-related stress, you can free up your creativity to take your idea to the next level.


Enjoy More Time Traveling

Early retirement gives you that much more time to enjoy travel and other activities that go along with it. Whether you love to play golf or tennis, go hiking or skiing, fishing or hunting, early retirement allows you to conquer it all. Plus, staying active for longer means that you’ll keep up your health and mental well being. 


Pursue the Hobbies You’re Passionate About

From joining a bowling league to taking a rock-climbing adventure to learning how to fly, early retirement gives you much more time to pursue the hobby you’ve always dreamed of conquering. Things that you could never have thought of doing with the pressures of a nine-to-five job are now ready for you to take on. 


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