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The Best Pilot Watches You Can Buy

Being a pilot requires a few essentials, and among the things that are most crucial is a trusty pilot watch. Not only do you need to keep accurate time through several time zones, but track distance, airspeed and other measurements that keep you on course toward your next destination. Plus, a pilot watch should align with your personal style and provide you with the right level of comfort through long flights.

So, if you’re in the market for a new pilot watch, here are some of the best that you can buy right now – let’s get started!


Citizen Promaster Skyhawk A-T

Price: $716

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Never lose track of time or location with the Citizen Promaster Skyhawk A-T, offering atomic timekeeping in over 40 cities and perpetual calendar. And, with its proprietary solar-powered Eco-Drive technology, it never needs a battery. Essential chronograph functionality and pilot’s rotating slide rule bezel are also included. 


Garmin D2 Delta PX

Price: $1,249

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From the makers of some of the most sophisticated GPS systems, Garmin has built highly useful watch functionality into a sleek, elegant design with the D2 Delta PX. For navigating the skies, enjoy a built-in altimeter, Zulu/UTC time reference and a worldwide airport database. And, not only is it a good option for aviators, but it also boasts helpful everyday things like song storage, contactless pay and activity tracking. Available in three sizes. 


Breitling Navitimer 1 Automatic 38

Price: $4,310

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Breitling Navitmer 1 Automatic 38 watches are the preferred choice among acrobatic and stunt pilots throughout the world, thanks to its small size, just 38mm, and superior technical ability. Straying from the traditional large watch faces that usually adorn Breitling watches, the Automatic 38 doesn’t forego essential time and measurement metrics like airspeed and distance. Available in both steel and steel-gold with dial colors of black, blue or silver, it offers a design that looks attractive on men and women alike. 


Omega Spacemaster Z-33

Price: $5,900

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Take flight in fun, retro-style with the Omega Spacemaster Z-33. This quartz watch provides everything you need in a durable brushed-titanium casing and hybrid display, offering a design that’s reminiscent of the Space Race era. It also features UTC time plus two additional time zones and a perpetual calendar, to keep you on track toward your intended destinations.


Zenith Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Extra Special

Price: $7,700

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Zenith is a quintessential pilot watch brand and has become a mainstay since the early endorsement of Louis Blériot, who was first to fly across the English Channel in 1909. One of the top models they make is the 45-mm Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Extra Special, a classic timepiece with powerful chronograph functions. Enjoy a 50-hour power reserve, two sub-dial displays, large clock hands and water-resistance up to 100 meters. 


IWC Chronograph Top Gun

Price: $7,800

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Built for elite US Navy jet pilots, the appropriately named Chronograph Top Gun watch is a robust, powerful option for those that want the “best of the best”. Thanks to its corrosion-resistant design and newly added in-house movement from the 69000-caliber family, this watch can handle high G-forces as well as humid sea atmospheres that can have a huge effect on pilot equipment. The Top Gun is a classic pilot’s watch that’s trusted throughout the world because of its comfortable fit, classic look and available functions, giving you a lot of bang for your buck.


Richard Mille RM 039 Tourbillon Aviation E6-B Flyback Chronograph 

Price: $1.2M

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The most expensive pilot watch on the list is the E6-B Flyback Chronograph from Richard Mille. Not only is it over a million dollars, but just 30 pieces were made, making availability extremely limited to ultra-wealthy individuals. According to Richard Mille, the three-part case is exceptionally difficult to produce, requiring more than 800 milling operations over several days. One look at the watch face and you can tell how much work has been put into this complicated device that contains a mind-boggling 740 components.



In Conclusion: The Best Pilot Watches You Can Buy

Now that you have a variety of the best pilot watches to choose from, you can narrow down the choices to what’s right for you. From functionality to comfort to style and beyond, there’s something for everyone. So, before you hop in the cockpit and take off, don’t forget a crucial piece of equipment for all aviators – a trusty pilot watch!