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How do the Ultra-Wealthy Travel? 5 Things that May Surprise You

Have you ever wondered how the ultra-wealthy travel? It may surprise you that they aren’t stuck with the traditional pains of how everyone else travels – from cramped flights to busy airports to unplanned expenses and more. No, the ultra-wealthy travel in style, in a way that is entirely suited to them. So, if you’re wondering what a vacation filled with luxury looks like, take a look at these five things that may surprise you about how the ultra-wealthy travel.

1) They Design Fully Customized Trips

You won’t find an ultra-wealthy person using Expedia to plan their trips – rather, they prefer highly tailored itineraries that are compiled by travel professionals or agencies. Before they go off on an around-the-world vacation, many among the affluent class pay a large chunk of money, sometimes $100,000 or more, to have a professional curate the ideal trip for them and their families. From finding the top dining establishments to luxury accommodations to cultural excursions and beyond, there’s nothing that isn’t planned out to maximize their experience.

2) They Prefer Experiences that Money Affords

Ultra-wealthy individuals tend to prefer experiential travel, and their money allows them to have some of the most unique experiences possible. For example, video game developer Richard Garriott spent millions of dollars to visit space via American space tourism company, Space Adventures Inc. Other high-end adventures include luxury cruises to the Antarctic, big game hunting expeditions and around-the-world cultural trips. There’s no adventure the ultra-wealthy aren’t willing to seek out.

3) They Avoid the Regular Pitfalls of Travel

Normal people are stuck with rideshares, taxis or rental cars to get to and from the airport and around their destination city. The ultra-wealthy, however, aren’t stuck to traditional ways of travel that are a part of other people’s lives. Rather than take an Uber, the affluent take Blade, a helicopter transportation service. Additionally, they hire private car companies and drivers to take them from point A to point B. Those that fly commercial also have premium memberships that allow them to access exclusive lounges at the airport, where they enjoy fine dining, relaxing massages and private accommodations.

4) They Want Complete Privacy

The ultra-wealthy don’t have to deal with crowds or lines – that’s because they often travel to destinations that are completely private. In some cases, they’re renting entire islands. For $44,000 a day, guests can rent Over Yonder Cay in the Bahamas, a true paradise retreat. This 72-acre island offers the utmost in luxury accommodations, with four villas, a movie theater, fitness center, massage therapists, yoga instructor and an entire golf course. And, without another soul in sight, there’s a true feeling of seclusion.

5) They Fly Themselves

Rather than go through security, wait around at the airport and deal with commercial flights, the ultra-wealthy fly themselves to their favorite destinations around the world. Learning to fly is one of the top hobbies among those with a high level of disposable income because it affords them the freedom to travel when and how they want. Plus, flying an airplane is a great experience in and of itself, making the whole trip that much better!

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