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Luxury Spa Destinations that are Perfect for a Winter Getaway

When you need to recharge your mind, body and spirit, the best way to do so is by visiting a spa. Those looking for a retreat this winter, take a look at these luxury spa destinations that are the perfect place to clear the negative energy from your life. And, remember, with a private pilot’s license, you can travel to these luxurious spa destinations whenever you want to unwind. All you need to do is hop in the cockpit, set the coordinates and take-off, and you’ll be enjoying a massage, meditation, yoga and much more in no time!

So, let’s get started — here are 10 luxury spa destinations that are perfect for a winter getaway.



Hotel Viking’s Spafjor

Newport, RI


Nearest Airport: Newport State Airport (KUU)


Since the swingin’ 1920s, this hotel has been a staple of the Newport shore, where visitors come from all around the world to relax at their world-class spa and wellness center. From pampering rituals to the best masseuses in the region to day-long spa sessions and salt-scrub treatments, guests at Hotel Viking’s Spafjor are in for an unforgettable spa experience in a breathtaking, water-side setting.


Chuan Spa 

Chicago, IL


Nearest Airport: Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) 


While the spa treatments at Chuan are unbelievable, the immersive natural water journey is what really draws guests to this Midwestern wellness retreat. Start by warming up in the herbal sauna, before moving to the salt stone sauna. Once your body and mind are relaxed, enjoy a session in the invigorating aromatherapy shower and cap it off by relaxing in the chamomile-infused oriental steam room. Other treatments include a specialized detox session, which includes full-body exfoliation, a marine algae wrap, deep-tissue massage and complete cleansing facial.  



Tucson, AZ


Nearest Airport: Tucson International Airport (KTUS)


Not only is Miraval a top spa destination in the U.S., where celebrities like Oprah spend their time relaxing, their wellness center provides unique and fun experiences that will help recharge your batteries. For example, the Equine Experience lets guests grab a brush and paint–that’s right, paint–the side of an actual horse, while other options include rock climbing, bee-keeping and meditation. A few miles away in the distance lie the Santa Catalina mountains, providing a gorgeous backdrop in which to unwind. Another positive of this spa retreat is the fact that they let you have alcohol while you enjoy your time there — whereas many other spas do not.


Spa Desert Springs

Palm Desert, CA


Nearest Airport: Bermuda Dunes Airport (KUDD)


With almost 40,000 square feet of area to roam, Spa Desert Springs is the largest spa in southern California, providing guests with a ton of space and variety of spa activities. Whether you’re looking for a shiatsu massage, ancient Turkish bath or a relaxing round of golf, there’s something for everyone here. For true reinvigoration, consider the Palm Springs Organic Peel, which is an exfoliating resurfacing peel done with organic Medjool dates that are grown nearby in the Palm Springs Valley. 


Dunton Hot Springs

Telluride, CO


Nearest Airport: Telluride Regional Airport (KTEX)


While this is one of the newer players on the list, Dunton Hot Springs has become a popular spa retreat in the U.S. With 12 cabins available for rent, and one tent suite, guests will relish in the isolation this spa provides. With a variety of hot springs located around the property, feeding into the on-site spa, enjoy a relaxing time in the bath house overlooking scenic fields of wildflowers, with the stunning Rocky Mountains just off in the distance. 


Amangiri Spa

Canyon Point, UT


Nearest Airport: Escalante Municipal Airport (1L7)


It doesn’t get much more isolated than Amangiri, located deep in the deserts of Utah. This luxurious spa is set against a backdrop of idyllic flat-topped mountains, gorgeous sunsets/rises and stark red sand. As an ultra-exclusive, five-star resort, this spa destination isn’t for just anyone. Using ancient Navajo healing principals, Amangiri incorporates elements of earth, wind, fire and water into their wellness offerings. Choose from a number of spa options, that give guests the opportunity to relax the mind, body and spirit, such as hydration and natural botanical treatments. Guests are able to explore the area via horseback during the day, and then retire to luxurious accomodations at night.

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