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How to Pick the Right Flight School in the West Metro

Throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, there are several options in terms of flight schools. But which one should you choose? For those in the West Metro, Inflight Pilot Training at Flying Cloud Airport is a convenient, central location in the suburb of Eden Prairie.  For aspiring pilots that live in the West Metro of the Twin Cities, here are a few questions to ponder when choosing the right flight school near you.


Does it Provide Exposure to a Variety of Air Traffic?

While many airports around the Twin Cities offer flight training services, only Flying Cloud Airport has the right mix of metro-area air traffic, without getting too busy or stressful as at other airports like St. Paul Downtown Airport or Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Yet, it still provides a faster-paced experience than other area airports in the Minneapolis Airport Commission (MAC) system. On any given day, you’ll see everything from single-engine Cessnas to corporate jets to helicopters and even the occasional military aircraft at Flying Cloud Airport. 

 Many people may think that choosing a smaller, more remote airport may provide a better learning environment due to smaller class sizes. However, those looking for a comprehensive learning environment, but still with a smaller, hands-on feel, should look to mid-size airports with a variety of experience levels. Students at smaller, more remote schools may become so comfortable with a lack of air traffic that the first time they have to fly into a busy metro area, they’re not prepared and put everyone’s safety in jeopardy. 

What Type of Opportunities Are There?

Because Flying Cloud Airport is one of the more popular airports in the MAC system, it’s well known as a hub, serving all types of pilots. This provides students an unparalleled chance to network with aviators from all walks of life, as well as a great opportunity to network for those looking to advance professionally in the world of aviation.  


Is it in a Convenient and Safe Location?

Compared to the other airports located throughout the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Flying Cloud Airport is located in Eden Prairie, a suburb that consistently ranks as one of the safest in the Twin Cities. So, there’s little to worry about by leaving your car in the parking lot as you take-off on your first cross-country flights, for example. 

Not only that, with its close proximity to major highways and well-lit, easy-to-access roads leading to the mid-sized airport, you won’t be driving around in remote areas, looking for a seemingly elusive airfield (looking at you Lake Elmo Airport and Jane’s Field)—which can be particularly inconvenient when you start night flying lessons.

Eden Prairie is also a hub for great restaurants, shopping, hotels and more.


Is it Close Enough to Home?

When choosing a flight school, it saves time and money to enroll in a flight school that’s located in close proximity to home. Inflight Pilot Training is located at Flying Cloud Airport, conveniently located in the west metro, making it a great option for students living in and around the suburbs of Minneapolis. It’s also very easily accessible and close to major highways in the metro including 169, 494, and 212.

For those looking to stretch the budget when it comes to paying for flight school, locals can drastically cut down on gas consumption by choosing our professional facilities located right in Eden Prairie. 


Ready to take to the skies?

If learning to fly has been a lifelong dream for you, the team at Inflight Pilot Training can help make it a reality. We have a superior reputation among flight schools in the Twin Cities, with a track record of producing the best and safest pilots in the state of Minnesota. We’re committed to keeping our programs fun and affordable for all and will help put you on the right path when it comes to learning to fly.

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