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7 Advantages of Accelerated Flight Training for Pilots in Minnesota

For those that want to become a pilot, but don’t have months or even years to spend obtaining a certification, accelerated flight training may be the right choice for you.


Accelerated flight training is an intensive approach to learning to fly, designed to teach you the necessary piloting skills in a shorter-than-normal timeframe. In just a few weeks, students in accelerated programs can accomplish what takes 4-6 months in a traditional program. And that’s not the only reason this learning method is so popular – let’s take a look at seven advantages of accelerated flight training. 


1) Save a Massive Amount of Time

The average pilot training program can take a few months and up to a year; even longer for more advanced certifications. With accelerated courses, you’re likely to complete all of your training in just a few weeks. Every flight school will offer a unique timeline usually up to 60 days, with some promising private pilot certification in as little as 14 days. With these shorter training programs, student pilots train up to eight hours a day, five to seven days a week, learning everything they need to know to pass their tests and checkride.


2) Save Money

Overall, you’ll save money participating in an accelerated flight program versus a traditional one. The largest contributor to large flight training costs is the number of hours you fly, as well as flight instructor rates, which can fluctuate over the year and add up as you pursue more and more flight time. With an accelerated program, you don’t repeat lessons as often and move through your training faster saving you money.


3) Higher Quality Training

Because you’re working with the same CFI day-in and day-out, you’ll receive more personalized instruction than you would in a traditional program. Over the course of your accelerated courses, you’ll really get to know your flight instructor, becoming good friends in the process. After all, you’re spending sometimes seven days a week, eight hours a day training with the same individual. This allows your flight instructor to quickly catch on to your learning style and make the appropriate adjustments in his approach to teaching you.


4) Higher Success Rate than Regular Flight School

There’s a reason that the airlines and military use accelerated flight training – it works. Pilots are far more likely to retain information learned in accelerated training compared to training that’s spread out over several months. When you’re totally immersed in a subject, you can immediately advance to the next topic once it’s been mastered. As new skills are developed, you quickly associate these with existing knowledge, while preventing it from being lost between lessons. Those that choose a lengthier training program may not retain information as well, resulting in repeated lessons, decreased proficiency and an increased time frame.


5) A Variety of Accelerated Courses Available

Many flight schools offer more than accelerated courses for private pilots, and can help students quickly advance through other types of training programs. From Instrument ratings to airline pilot ratings to multi-engine ratings and beyond, there are companies that serve almost every facet of the pilot education process with accelerated options. 


6) Train Around the Minnesota Climate

For those considering accelerated flight training in Minnesota, you may be wondering what happens when inclement weather keeps you grounded. Even a few days of rain or snow may put a delay on your training efforts. With an accelerated program, however, you can work around the seasonal changes that bring inclement weather in our state. For example, if you want to squeeze in your certification before winter storms or spring deluges hit, you can pinpoint a few-week window of time that will help you maximize flyable days.


7) Great for Self Starters

Those participating in an accelerated pilot program will likely need to learn all or most of the written test standards before training starts. When your training starts, you’ll hop right into the plane and start flying, working toward the minimum 40-hours of flight time needed to become a private pilot. If you are a self starter that’s able to teach yourself critical information as it pertains to your training, accelerated courses are right for you. 



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