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6 Ways to Get Involved in the Twin Cities Aviation Community

The Twin Cities aviation community is ready to welcome you with open arms. There are a ton of organizations, events, charities and more that you can participate in as a local aviator, giving you the chance to interact with other industry stakeholders and participate in various flying-related activities that you’re passionate about. And it doesn’t take much to join in on the fun.

Let’s take a look at six ways you can get more involved in the Twin Cities aviation community – here we go!


1) Join a Flying Club

Flying clubs offer an easy and affordable way to share your passion and interest in aviation with other like-minded individuals. There are a countless number of flying clubs in and around the Twin Cities, serving pilots of all ages. Most popular are EAA flying club chapters, located at almost every airport in Minneapolis, giving you a chance to join a local community of aviators. There are also a number of independent flying clubs that are scattered throughout the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area, as well as all of Minnesota. For a more cost friendly flying club check out Inflight’s Minneapolis Flying Club



2) Attend Twin Cities Aviation Events Year Round

Throughout the year (although more sparse in the winter) the Twin Cities is host to several aviation-related events. From student pilots to experienced aviators, airport executives, mechanics and general aviation enthusiasts, the local aviation community puts-on various airshows, seminars, speaking engagements and more. These events can help you advance your interest in aviation, no matter what type of industry-specific subject matter you’re interested in.



3) Join Networking Groups for Pilots

Particularly for those students focusing on becoming a professional pilot, networking events are essential in getting to know important local members of the aviation community. You never know who could hold the key to your next big career promotion. The most popular networking group for pilots in the Twin Cities is the Minnesota Pilots Association, with a mission to promote and protect aviation throughout the state using advocacy, education, outreach and social activities. However, there are several other groups serving the networking needs of almost every type of flyer, including Young Eagles Club serving the youth, Stars of the North serving women, and the NGPA serving LGBT pilots.



4) Participate in Local Twin Cities Aviation Charities

Participate in a local charitable organization and use your flying skills for good. For instance, Veterans Airlift Command (VAC), located in St. Louis Park, provides free air transportation to post-9/11 combat wounded and their families for medical and other purposes through a network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots in the Twin Cities and around the country. Another local aviation charity is Angel Flight Central (AFC), which have made more than 26,000 free-of-charge flights for families needing access to health care, special needs camps, as well as disaster response. Working with charities such as these will expose you to a variety of new personal experiences within the community.


5) Start Your Own Twin Cities Aviation Group

If there isn’t anything on this list that suits you, then join together with one or two friends and start your own organization. Whether it’s a flying club for Cessna-enthusiasts that meets once a month, a pilot networking organization focused on professional advancement or a social club that simply meets in the local pilot lounge every Tuesday, the sky’s the limit on what you can build. All it takes is one motivated individual to bring together a community of people that share similar interests.



6) Take Flight Lessons or Refresh Certifications

Perhaps the easiest way to get involved in the Twin Cities aviation community is to take flight lessons at one of the many airports in and around the metro area. Throughout a flight training program, you’re introduced to a large number of pilots, including fellow students, expert instructors, mechanics and other important airport personnel. After you achieve your basic certification, there’s an expectation to continue growing your knowledge and skillset – you do this by participating in regular checkrides, obtaining more advanced certifications and going through renewal processes as time passes. By continually learning, your standing within the aviation community is bound to rise. Below is a list of flight schools in the Twin Cities, take the time to meet research your options so you can make the best choice for your goals as a pilot.


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