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Creative Ways to Pay for Flight Training

Creative Ways to Pay for Flight Training. Every aspiring pilot has a dream of jumping in the cockpit and taking-off toward unexplored destinations. However, it requires developing an actionable plan, hard work and most importantly – proper funding – to reach the level of licensed pilot.

In the U.S., the price of obtaining a private pilot certificate averages out to $7,000 to $15,000. While this number may seem intimidating at first, there are actually a few creative ways to pay for your flight training. Let’s explore some of these options so you can realize your dream of taking flight. Let’s get started!

Open a Low-Interest Credit Card

Most students use a credit card to pay for flight school, however, you may want to open up a new, low-interest credit card that you can specifically use for flight school. If you’re planning on becoming an airline pilot then your training will cost upwards of $70,000+. Private pilot training will be more manageable. While you may not want to put all of your expenses on a credit card, this can open up a way for you to supplement any cash-on-hand or other higher-interest financing options.

Hang Around Your Favorite Hangar

Even if you aren’t a certified pilot, you can try to get some side jobs at your local hangar or flight training school. Every airport seems to have one or two stragglers, always looking for anything to do to help out in exchange for flight lessons. Even mundane tasks like sweeping floors or taking out the trash, if you can find a way to get in good with the hangar manager or flight school operator, you may be able to work out a discount on flight training in exchange for your work. Professional pilots love people who are passionate about learning to fly and willing to do whatever it takes to get time in the air.

Consider Military Options

There are many non-combat or low-combat programs that you can join to help fund flight school. For example, some people join the reserves, or some become a Cadet with the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) under the U.S. Air Force. Usually, this works best for young aspiring pilots who have the goal of going to or staying in college, continuing to work and save money, while also earning partial VA Educational Benefits that can be used in the future. Plus, joining a military program will set you up for some of the best pilot jobs out there, including a career as an airline transport pilot.

Start a Side Business

Whether it’s landscaping, web development, real estate, walking dogs, flipping antiques or whatever else you’re good at, you may consider starting a side business to raise extra funds to contribute to your flight training. That, in addition to some extra savings from your day job, may be enough to give you the financial edge.

Even if you’re able to save up a few hundred dollars from a side job, you may be able to get started with flight school. Most flight schools offer payment plans that let you pay as you go, rather than paying for everything up front, giving you time to save more money.

Remember: Countless Pilots Have Found a Way to Afford Flight School

If you dream of taking flight, but are worried about the financial aspect of your training, just remember that countless pilots have been in the same position as you. However, if you are passionate about taking flying lessons, then no cost is too great and a little creativity can go a long way in helping you afford the flight school you’re interested in. Even if you have to start small with just a few lessons, that’s better than nothing it all. As you go along, you can progress further into your instrument, commercial or ATP training as you save more money.

Every one of these pilots had a dream, developed a plan and worked hard until they were able to call themselves licensed pilots.

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