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Aircraft Rental Tips for Pilots that are Ready to Fly

As you progress in your pilot training and begin your first solo flights, you’ll have to learn about the process of renting an aircraft. It may seem confusing at first, with the many pricing, scheduling and availability options. But, over time you’ll  become a pro at identifying the best costs, rental companies and planes for your needs.

Make sure you always have a fun, safe and affordable flight by following these aircraft rental tips.

Purchase Renters Insurance

While the flight school insures its rental aircraft, that insurance doesn’t cover you personally. Similar to how a rental car owns and insures the car, but the driver also needs insurance; the same idea applies to renting an airplane. Purchasing an affordable renter insurance policy will save you money on the overall cost to rent a plane.

Don’t Forget About Fuel Prices

A big cost when it comes to flying is purchasing fuel, particularly when you begin cross-country flight training. To help save on fuel costs, download one of the many fuel finder apps available on your tablet. This gives you plenty of options as to where to land and refuel at the airport with the best fuel costs.

Always Conduct a Thorough Preflight Check

The nature of renting an aircraft means that you’ll be using a plane that’s been used by a number of different pilots. You simply don’t know anything about the last person that flew the plane you’re about to fly. The obvious safety implications require you to conduct a thorough preflight check to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Additionally, check for any scratches, dents, dings or broken equipment so you aren’t charged with extra costs.

Check Around for Best Value

Because each rental company will have different rates, it’s best to shop around for the best value. Some places will offer extended plane rental or short-term rental. If you want to take an airplane out for an extended period of time, you will either encounter some sort of surcharge, or you will be charged the equivalent of a certain number of hours. Best pricing doesn’t always translate to best value. Beware of the lowest priced aircraft rental, you are in fact flying a machine through the sky.

Test Out Multiple Types of Aircraft to Develop Skills

If you’re learning to fly or just want to grow your knowledge of different planes and their flying styles, renting provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Instead of learning on one plane and a specific set of controls, you can diversify your knowledge to prepare yourself for your instrument rating or commercial license.

Join a Flying Club for Reduced Rental Rates

Most  charge a membership fee to join in addition to monthly dues and hourly flying rates. These dues give you access to better and more aircraft rentals as well as lowered prices for those that fly often enough.


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