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6 Ways Earning a Pilot License Will Make You More Productive as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it’s up to you as to how productive you ultimately are – some entrepreneurs are naturally productive, while others have to make a conscious effort to stay productive.

For those entrepreneurs that are looking for a new hobby or potential career path, obtaining your private pilot license is sure to challenge you, teaching you new skills that can ultimately contribute to your success as an entrepreneur.

So, if you’re looking for a new challenge that will teach you these skills which can be applied in your professional life, becoming a pilot might just be the answer. Here are seven ways earning a pilot license will make you more productive as an entrepreneur.

1) Develop Better Critical Thinking Skills

Piloting an aircraft requires advanced critical thinking skills. One of the most important things you’ll learn throughout the course of flight school is how to maintain a clear-headed, rational perspective in the face of adversity. Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, it’s difficult not to be overly optimistic, thinking every opportunity, no matter how minuscule, might be the next revolutionary product, service or technology. When you develop these critical thinking skills in flight school, you’ll gain residual benefits in your professional life, in that you now have the ability to take a more realistic approach to how you conduct business and tackle opportunities.

2) Become a Master at Quick Decision Making

When you train to become a pilot, you’ll notice how crucial it is to make smart decisions when behind the control wheel. Things can happen suddenly in the air, and without quick decision-making skills, things can turn ugly. Similarly, businesses can go from the green to the red just like that, meaning you have to always be on your toes to keep your entrepreneurial efforts operating smoothly.

3) Learn Something New and Keep Your Mind Sharp

There’s no doubt that the act of learning keeps the mind sharp. Of course, some may be bored even at the idea of “going to class” and “sitting through lectures”. Well, the good news is that flight school provides fun and excitement while you learn. When learning to fly, you’re both reading and memorizing subjects from a textbook and then actively applying those lessons in the sky with your flight instructor.  

4) Travel Wherever You Wish

This, perhaps above all else, may just set you apart from your professional competition – when you obtain your private pilot license, you can conduct business anywhere. No matter where your clients like to do business, even if it’s in the most remote areas, a private pilot can get there (and back) in a moment’s notice. All it takes is firing up the engines, popping in the coordinates and taking off toward your next big business meeting.

5) Open Up New Business Opportunities

If you’re an entrepreneur who moonlights as a pilot, you can combine both aspects and create your own business in the aviation industry. For example, you could open your own flight school, start a consulting business, or sell airplane parts. As long as you have a passion for flying and a can-do attitude, almost anything is possible.

6) An Inspirational Activity

One thing that never gets old is the view from the cockpit. As a pilot, you’re guaranteed to take-in some of the greatest sights from above. Looking out towards the horizon, over vast mountain ranges or expansive oceans is bound to provide you with at least a little bit of inspiration. At the very least, you’ll be able to clear your head and think about your next big business idea.

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