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The Perks and Advantages of Getting Your Private Pilot License

Are you looking to take off in a new career path? Searching for a thrilling sense of adventure? Perhaps you just want a quicker way to travel to your favorite or yet-unknown destinations. Whatever it may be, achieving these goals starts with obtaining your private pilot license. Let’s take a look at the perks and advantages of getting your private pilot license — here we go!

Set Yourself Up for Future Career in Aviation

For those that are hoping to turn flying into a career someday, the first step towards that goal is obtaining your private pilot license. A private pilot license is, in effect, a gateway to more advanced learning, especially if you someday want to become a professional aviator, like an airline pilot. Once you’re a certified private pilot, you can go forward in your pursuit of other certifications or ratings, and move up the ranks in your career, no matter what your end goal is.

Skip Traffic and Get to Your Favorite Destinations Quicker

While you won’t be the only plane up in the air at any given time, air traffic sure beats rush hour traffic, particularly when you’re trying to get to the lake house, beach condo or other vacation spot. With a pilot license, you can hop in the cockpit, fire up the engines and fly to your favorite destinations, cutting your travel time into a fraction of what it would be by automobile.

Impress Business Associates and Company Clients

If you travel a lot for business, there’s no better way to get around than by private plane. A pilot license gives you that freedom. Once you’re certified, you can fly to client meetings, networking meetups and/or industry conferences, and head back to your home town on the same day. You’ll be closing more deals and boosting business for you or your company, all while avoiding the nuisances of traveling commercially through the airlines.

Flying is Relaxing, Challenging and Exciting, All at Once

Flying a plane is an incredibly unique experience, one that’s filled with moments of relaxation, challenges and excitement. The first time you get behind the control wheel, you’re bound to notice a rise in adrenaline, maybe a nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach. But, once you get familiar with the process, you’ll find (as almost every pilot does) a sense of unbelievable satisfaction – with the incredible views, fast speeds and technical mastery, there’s really never a dull moment!

Gain a New Social Network, Lifelong Friends

Becoming a pilot means that you’re part of “the club”. Meaning you have something in common with a small but passionate network of aviators who share in their experiences and love for flying. You could land at almost any airport in the country, visit the on-site pilot’s lounge and make new friends almost immediately through a shared love of aviation.

Impress Your Family and Friends

Think about it – how many licensed pilots do you know, personally? Unless you’re a flight attendant by day, probably not many. Acquiring your pilot license is sure to impress your family and friends, maybe even a future girlfriend or boyfriend. Once you have your certification, you can take passengers up for an exhilarating ride to show off your new skills.

It Makes a Great Addition to Your Resumé

Even if the job you are applying for has nothing to do with aviation, promoting the fact that you are a licensed private pilot is bound to impress a potential employer. It shows that you are committed to completing your goals and are able to be trained for tough jobs. At the very least, personal accomplishments are always a good conversation starter and may prove to be the special skill that makes you rememberable among the other applicants.

Explore Remote or Far-Away Locations

Have you ever wanted to visit the remote wilderness of Alaska, land your seaplane in a pristine lake and set up camp on the untouched shore? Well, with a pilot license, you can make it happen, traveling to these remote, far-away areas and other locations that are tough to get to (or even inaccessible) by automobile. Once you are a certified pilot, you have the freedom to explore all the places you dream about visiting.   

Make Special Contributions to a Great Causes

Even for those who don’t have ambitions to become a career pilot, become certified gives you the opportunity to give back using your specialized skills. There are many charities throughout the U.S. and the world that help those less fortunate, such as medical and pet rescue flights, disaster relief, search and rescue operations, discovery flights for kids, and many more.

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