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Best Aviation Scholarships for 2019

Scholarships are one of the best ways to pay for flight training. Not only is it money you don’t need to pay back, but scholarships through organizations such as the ones listed below are a great way to meet accomplished aviation professionals and network with the aviation community.

Below are a few organizations that offer flight training scholarships to check out! The application dates are different for each one, so check them out and put them on your schedule to apply for this year!

Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame, Inc., is “to establish and maintain an ongoing means of honoring native individuals who have contributed in significant manner to the development, advancement and promotion of aviation in Minnesota, or elsewhere. Or to honor individuals who were not native to Minnesota, but enhanced the aviation climate in Minnesota in their careers.”

The goal is “to foster, promote, and encourage a better sense of appreciation by the public of those persons’ contributions and the role of aviation in Minnesota and elsewhere, and to perpetuate the memory of those honored by means of public displays and announcements.” Minnesota Aviation is also a great organization to volunteer with and you can meet some great professionals and aviation legends through the organization!

Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame offers many different scholarships. You can apply by writing an essay and sending it to the address listed on the scholarship information section.

Minnesota Aviation Trades Association

MATA’s goal is “to be the voice of the Minnesota Aviation Industry. Through our Board of Directors, conferences, and legal and lobbying services, we aim to assist our members in building ethical, strong, and competitive aviation businesses. Through scholarships we help to create tomorrow’s aviation professionals. Above all, we earnestly desire to see general aviation’s continued growth – locally, statewide, and nationally.” They also offer a flight training scholarship to students enrolled in a flight school that is a MATA member.

Here’s the scholarship application:

Minnesota Business Aviation Association

The MBAA is a great organization to get involved with. The Minnesota Business Aviation Association, “enhances communication between MBAA members, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), and other aviation organizations.”

The Minnesota Business Aviation Association is “dedicated to developing the next generation of Minnesota aviation professionals. In the past eight years, MBAA has provided financial aid, flight training, and maintenance programs to more than two dozen aviation students in Minnesota. We are continuing our commitment in 2019 and will provide a variety of scholarships for college students pursuing a career in business aviation. Specific scholarship awards will be announced at the 2019 MBAA Aviation Golf Classic Event at Dellwood Country Club on Monday August 19th. This year MBAA expects to award up to $15,000 in scholarships.”

Check out to learn more!


AOPA is a great organization and offers some amazing scholarships. AOPA’s goal is “to protect and to grow the incredible privilege that we call general aviation. Whether it is through educating the public about the fun and the utility that aircraft can provide, preparing resources and training material to enhance the skills of pilots everywhere, or advocating for aviation within government agencies—it is our job to maintain the strength and vitality of the flying community.”

AOPA’s “mission is to ensure that the sky remains within reach of everyone who dreams of becoming a pilot.”

Check out their scholarships here!


Women in Aviation International is a “nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of women in all aviation career fields and interests. Our diverse membership includes astronauts, corporate pilots, maintenance technicians, air traffic controllers, business owners, educators, journalists, flight attendants, high school and university students, air show performers, airport managers and many others.”

WAI offers some great scholarships! Join and check them out here:


The NGPA is the largest organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender aviation professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. Their mission is “to build, support, and unite the LGBT aviation community worldwide.”

Check out NGPA’s scholarships here:

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