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8 Qualities of a Good Flight School

Are you searching for the best flight school to advance your goal of becoming a certified pilot? We’ve developed this list to help you define what makes a flight school worthy of your time and money. So, let’s get started — here are 10 qualities of a good flight school.

1) Transparent with Cost Structure

One of the biggest concerns with first-time students is cost. The cost of obtaining a private pilot’s license can vary greatly from school to school, so it’s always good to choose an organization that clearly lays all of the costs out. This can help you budget and possibly finance your education going forward.

2) Aircraft Availability

Before agreeing to start a flight training program, check out the aircraft availability at the school. Ask about the type and number of training aircraft. Additionally, a flight school that has many aircraft, rather than just a few, means that you’ll have more access to a plane and can increase your flight hours more quickly.

3) A Full Roster of Caring CFIs

How many instructors does the flight school have? While a larger team doesn’t always mean higher-quality instruction, it does give you opportunities to switch instructors based on your personal preference or needs. Additionally, there should be some chemistry between the flight instructors and their students. Any CFI that seems to be “going through the motions”, rather than taking an active interest in their student’s education,  isn’t worth your time and money, and can actually detract from your goal of becoming a certified pilot. If possible, have a conversation with two to three different different instructors. It’s a good way to notice subtle pros and cons with each instructor’s training style.

4) They Have a Defined Focus

Some flight schools cater to private pilots, some cater to commercial pilots, some cater to helicopter pilots, and so on. First, define your end goal in becoming a pilot — do you envision a career as an airline pilot or do you simply want the freedom to fly where you wish? Answering the big questions will help you narrow down your choice of flight schools, so you can participate in a program that serves your training objectives.

5) Great Track Record of Safety

Check on the flight school’s record of safety before agreeing to receive any instruction from them. Do some online research, read reviews and talk to local pilots about the flight school, to see if anything comes up about their safety reputation. Any flight training program that’s worth participating in should put an emphasis on safe flying.

6) Offers Ground School

Ground school comes in two basic forms: an instructor teaching a scheduled class or a self-paced, home-study program using video or audio tapes and/or a computer-based program. A good flight school will let its students take ground school, independent of traditional flight training. Since you need to take ground school and pass a airman knowledge test before you can take your FAA checkride, this is a crucial part of your overall training.   

7) Their Personality Matches Yours

One of the most important quality of a good flight school is their personality. Similar to people, each school is different — some are more serious, some are more fun, some are more familiar in nature. Regardless, choose a school with a personality that matches yours. Like the aviation industry itself, good flight schools are constantly evolving to provide better, higher-quality services to their students.  

8) Offer Tours and Discovery Flights

So, you’ve narrowed down your list to a few ideal options. The next thing you need to do is schedule a tour of the school and go on a discovery flight. A discovery flight will give you insight into how the school conducts their lesson plans. Always keep your eyes and ears alert during the tour/discover flight to get a good feel for everything from the environment, safety policies, staff personality and the satisfaction of other students.

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