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Fly Like a Girl – Get Girls Flying in Stem

This month is Women’s history month. This month the United States observes and celebrates of the vital role of women in American history. What better way to honor the contributions of women in the past than to encourage the women of the future? Inflight Pilot Training had the pleasure of sponsoring Mia (8) and Lucy (8) on a discovery flight and simulator session this week and they had a blast! Sadly, women only compromise 7% of pilots. Young women need to be shown that aviation is something they can do. Many worry that flying would interfere with work/life balance, but many female aviators are able to successfully balance both.

Flying is typically stereotyped as a man’s career. However, operation of aircraft systems and situational awareness are skills that are not restricted to gender. Either gender can learn the skills associated with flying and be successful in this industry.

Here are some ways that we can get the next generation of female pilots involved!

Take them on a discovery flight! Inflight offers discovery flights for all ages and it is a great way to get young girls into STEM. Inflight’s Discovery Flight is an introductory flying session, in which the student paired with an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), and allowed to fly left under their supervision. Throughout the session, the student will be seated on the left, also known as the pilot-in-command seat as you take flight. Find out more about discovery flights here!

Getting involved in the aviation community can help women to succeed in the industry. It helps them to find mentors, network with industry leaders, meet peers, and be encouraged and inspired.

There are many organizations in aviation that promote, support, and encourage women in aviation. Inflight is proud to support Women in Aviation, International. WAI’s mission is to encourage and advance women in aviation career fields and interests. WAI also provides flight training scholarships to help women get into flight training.

WAI’s Minnesota chapter, Stars of the North puts on a Girl’s in Aviation Day every year. Bringing young girls to this event can change their lives and open their eyes to career paths that they might have never thought possible. They can meet mentors and hear from women who have broken barriers and pursued careers in aviation. More information about this event can be found below.

Women in Corporate Aviation

Women in corporate aviation is also a great organization to get involved with! This group’s mission is to be the premier association for both women and men alike in corporate and business aviation. Their main goal is to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling and promote diversity and equality in the industry.

More information on Women in Corporate Aviation can be found here:

Ladies in Flight Training- LIFT

LIFT is a positive, encouraging Nonprofit (501(c)3) organization for women pilots to talk and encourage one another in their pursuits towards the skies.  A place for female student aviators and other aviators can ask questions, talk and just hang out to encourage each other. Please note that a member must be enrolled in flight training or hold at least a student pilot certificate.

If you know of or are a female pilot in flight training, join LIFT here:

Female Aviators Sticking Together- FAST

F.A.S.T. is an elite network of almost 10,000 licensed female pilots operating as a registered 501(C)(3). F.A.S.T. was created in 2015 to give female aviators a place to have a voice. Over 1,000 members joined within its first 30 days. Today, F.A.S.T. is the fastest growing network of licensed female pilots in the aviation industry. F.A.S.T. connects and empowers female pilots around the world, cultivates youth to be the next generation of female aviators, as well as communicates career opportunities and advice. The group’s ability to be heard, supported, encouraged, educated, and mentored is evidenced by the active participation of its members. Supporting today’s female pilots and the next generation is the only sustainable strategy for commercial aviation success.  

If you are a licensed female Pilot, you can Join FAST. More information can be found below.

We’d love to see the participation rate among female aviators grow in the future! Contact Inflight Pilot Training today to find out how we can get you off the ground. Get in touch.