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7 Best Foodie Destinations, Perfect for Private Pilots

Those private pilots that also love exciting culinary creations are in for a treat with today’s post, as we’re exploring seven of the best foodie destinations. From the cozy comfort food of the Midwest to the world-renowned seafood of the Northwest to the spicy Cajun dishes of the South and beyond, you’re bound to find something to satisfy your appetite. So, if your mouth is already watering, keep reading to find the ideal city to dine!


1) New Orleans, LA

You can’t go wrong with a trip to New Orleans, where you’ll find a variety of savory cajun foods, from gumbo to jambalaya to po’boys to oysters and much more. With eats heavily influenced by Creole and Cajun cooking, and a number of ancient bars credited with inventing some of the world’s most famous pre-Prohibition potations, a trip to the Big Easy’s historic French quarter is sure to impress. Those who also enjoy libations are also in good company. Get a true taste of the past with a visit to the drink experts at Vieux Carres and Bywaters at Arnaud’s French 75.


2) Burlington, VT

For those in the Northeast, you can’t beat a trip to Burlington, where restaurants are serving up some seriously good eats in this historic town. Those with a hearty appetite can head to Guild Tavern, where all types of wood-fired steaks are served up. Or head, to Pizzeria Verita and dine on some delicious Neapolitan-style pizzas. Those with a taste for fine dining can reserve a seat at Trattoria Delia and Hen of the Wood – perfect for a fancy meal on date night. No matter what you’re looking for, Burlington’s restaurants will satiate your cravings.


3) Seattle, WA

For those with a deep love for seafood, there’s no better place to go than Seattle. While the city does have all of the trendy and healthful dining expected of West Coast cities, the world-renowned Pike Place Market is still the standard-bearer for simple food done well. And any foodie’s trip to the Emerald City wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Renee Erickson’s seafood siren The Walrus and the Carpenter, or the excellent Il Corvo for its affordably-priced and delicious pasta.


4) Nashville, TN

Nashville may be known for its country music, but its food scene is just as good. This southern foodie destination offers something that any culinary enthusiast will appreciate. Whether you’re in the mood for hot chicken and barbecue, biscuits and gravy, or unbeatable grits, the Music City is the epicenter of cozy cuisine. Another big food draw for the city opened in 2018 – Nashville’s Food Truck City opened, where lunch-goers can find multiple food trucks right off 51st Avenue North and Centennial Boulevard in The Nation.


5) St. Louis, MO

When it comes to Midwest dining, St. Louis is one of the top destinations, going well beyond the old-school steakhouses and fried comfort food you might associate with less sophisticated midwestern towns. The city may be known for its barbecue and beer, at places such as Pappy’s Smokehouse, Urban Chestnut and Schlafly Bottleworks, but in recent years it has expanded its offerings to include a variety of flavors from around the world. Plus, there are some of the best brunch spots in the region – sip on some shrub cocktails at Retreat Gastropub, feast on bacon and goat cheese crepes at Rooster or have a sweet treat at Half & Half.


6) Minneapolis, MN

We may be a bit biased, as we’re based out of the Twin Cities area, but we can’t resist showing off our rising city and its booming culinary scene. Not only are many of the best restaurants incredibly affordable, but there are all kinds to choose from – whether you’re in search for the best hot dish, out-of-this-world donuts or delightful fusion foods, Minneapolis has something for everyone. A local favorite is the Juicy Lucy, a home-town burger creation with the ingredients cooked into the inside of the patty instead of on top. Many restaurants across the city claim to be the original creator, such as Matt’s and 5-8 Club, and have been fighting for the title of best Lucy for decades.


7) Santa Fe, NM

The home of signature Southwest flavor is Santa Fe, New Mexico. The home of signature Southwest flavor is Santa Fe, New Mexico. For centuries, the region’s culinary creations have been inspired by an amalgam of Indigenous American, Spanish and Anglo cultures, making Santa Fe a top food destination in the U.S. The city boasts more than 400 restaurants, serving up a variety of dishes. Get the real taste of southwest cuisine at decades-old Cafe Castro, or get in line at The Shed for delightful posole and green chile stew. There is also a world-class, award-winning year-round Farmers Market, for those that want to pick up their own ingredients and make something tasty themselves.



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