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4 Reasons Why Business Executives should Add Flight School to their 2019 Resolutions List

We are already a month into 2019, and some of us may have already given up on our New Year’s Resolutions. For those who have stuck with it—whether you resolved to get in shape, break a bad habit, or save more money—kudos to you.

While you may have a number of different goals as we continue into 2019, we think that flight school should be high up on your list this year. If you’re ready to learn a new skill that will change your life, here are four reasons flight school should be on your list of resolutions for 2019.

1) Personal Progress Translates into Professional Success

Learning to be a pilot is nothing like learning at school – it’s a whole new set of varied skills that you’ll have to put into practice each day, challenging you in new ways and helping you to become more capable. From learning how to plan properly to making actionable decisions to understanding the workings of an aircraft, you’ll be exposed to a different way of thinking, which can also apply to the other areas of your life – both personally and professionally.

Going to flight school can be an arduous journey marked by various highs and lows, but throughout the process, you’ll be challenged in new, rewarding ways. The positive attitude and commitment to ongoing learning that you’ll develop in flight school will likely translate into your professional life, setting you up for success as you grow in your professional career – whatever that may be.

2) Convenient and Cost-Effective Way to Travel

For business executives and other professionals, being able to fly yourself offers a convenient and cost-effective method of personal or business travel. You can define your own schedule, use airports that airlines don’t serve and aren’t as busy, and avoid the hassle of TSA lines, among many other business benefits. For business use, airplanes allow you to do more in a single day than you could do in an entire week traveling commercially. This is particularly important for professionals who have to travel often to meet with clients,  attend sales meetings, or go to tradeshows and conventions. Flexibility, privacy and freedom are all great reasons to add flight school to your list of resolutions for 2019.

3) It May Inspire Your Next Big Business Idea

Without a doubt, professional pilots have the best “office view” of any career path – but even private pilots get the same rewarding, awe-inspiring experience that comes with flying an airplane. Many pilots even develop a new perspective or outlook on life as they spend more time looking out over the horizon from 10,000 feet off the ground. When you’re flying alone to your next destination, you’ll feel like you’re the only person in the world. This quiet escape and new perspective offers some of the best time to think and brainstorm, and could even inspire your next big business idea.

4) Learning to Fly Provides An Escape

While some business executives may head to the spa or the beach to unwind, others need a hobby that’s a little more upbeat. Flying is a unique hobby that many find gives them a way to relax while keeping their mind active. Whether you are a young professional, or are seeking a new hobby now that you’re an empty nester, when you are in the sky – you are in your own space on your own time. You can shut down work emails, telephone calls, text messages, and so much more, giving you the perfect way to decompress from the stresses of your professional life.

Resolving to Take the Next Step

If you’re ready to make a new 2019 resolution, flight school might be the right decision for you. Learning to fly broadens your horizons, and can teach you new skills and strengths that will help you make progress in your professional life. Whether it’s through completing new goals, improving your productivity during business trips, providing inspiration or giving you escape, becoming a private pilot is sure to challenge you in a variety of new ways.  

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