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20 Pilot Instagram Accounts That You Need to Follow Now

If your new year’s resolution is to get your pilot’s license, but you’re looking for that extra push of aviation inspiration, look no further! Instagram is a great way to get an inside glimpse into the lives of pilots as they jet off around the world.

In addition to seeing the interesting and exotic locales they get to visit, many pilots who have gained online prominence and hefty social media followings will share personal anecdotes about their career paths. You may find additional inspiration in hearing about how they came to be pilots themselves, while also getting a unique perspective into various aircraft, amazing views from the top of the world, and the inside scoop on what it really means to be a pilot.


Here’s a list of some of the top pilots and aviation-related Instagram accounts to follow:


1) Mindy Lindheim

Follow on Instagram: @schmiiindy


Mindy Lindheim is the sales director for Cessna/Beechcraft, so give her Instagram a follow for photos of some beautiful, shiny single- and double-engine aircraft. In addition to showing off some of the latest and greatest airplanes coming out of the company, she’s a pilot who also offers great snapshots from the skies.


2) Katie Marsh

Follow on Instagram: @katie.marsh


Katie Marsh offers a unique view into the life of a seaplane pilot. Her account boasts her adventures flying from New York to warm weather destinations like the Florida Keys. Follow this account for a look into a unique aviation career that you might not have thought of.


3) Steveo Kineevo

Follow on Instagram: @steveokineevo


Steveo Kineevo is a private pilot and YouTube personality who lets followers tag along as he jets off around the world. Follow this account for some first-hand knowledge and insight into the industry, amazing aerial shots and some great inspiration for budding pilots.


4) Ash Raval

Follow on Instagram: @ashthepilot_


For some seriously envy-inducing photos, follow Ash Raval. He posts photos of his adventures around the world both from 10,000 feet and once he is deplaned and enjoying his destinations. Warning: This account may induce severe wanderlust to those who want to explore the world by air.


5) Experimental Aircraft Association

Follow on Instagram: @EAA


Another industry association with great visual content is the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Their Instagram account does a great job showing off some of the most unique aircraft in the industry — from sleek modern planes to historic military aircraft.


6) Santiago Borja

Follow on Instagram: @santiagoborja


Santiago Borja is a pilot who has a specific niche of aviation photography – capturing the amazing weather that’s active miles up in the air. His Instagram account shows incredible weather-related events including beautiful cloudscapes, storms, and lightning from the cockpit of a plane.


7) Shannon Pereira

Follow on Instagram: @pilotshanelly


As a commercial airline pilot, Shannon Pereira uses her Instagram account to give an inside look into the life of a female pilot. She shares candid stories about her journey to becoming a successful airline pilot. This account is a must-follow for anyone looking for extra motivation and inspiration.


8) Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Follow on Instagram: @iflywithaopa

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is a nonprofit group that advocates for general aviation, and their Instagram is a collection of some of the top posts from the pilot community. Give this account a follow and check out the wide range of content they are promoting — from great views of various airports to a variety of different aircrafts.


9) Matthias Geiger

Follow on Instagram: @mg_aviationphotography


Matthias Geiger is a professional photographer specializing in aviation. His Instagram account shows off some stunning shots of corporate and commercial jets from around the world. You’ll also get a glimpse into the interiors of some pretty swanky aircraft.


10) Deon Mitton

Follow on Instagram: @deonmitton


Another seaplane pilot, Deon Mitton shows off his workplace views as he cruises over the Bahamas. With bright blue waters, and sunny skies, you’ll almost certainly be jealous of his photos, but he also offers a good mix of aircraft and what the life of a pilot is like.



Other Notable Aviation Instgram Accounts to Follow

  1. @officewithviews: Documenting the life of airline pilot, Jordi Martin Garcia.
  2. @troybflying: This account shows off both the commercial and military sides of aviation.
  3. @jessicaambats: Jessica Ambats shares her experience of being a pilot, photographer and mom.
  4. @thathelicopterguy: Get a look into the unique world of being a helicopter pilot from Tom Andreas Østrem.
  5. @indopilot: Professional and warbird pilot, Matt Dearden, shares photos of his Pilatus PC-12NG and PBY-5A Catalina in action.
  6. @pilot.mathilde: An aerobatic pilot and beach lover, follow Mathilde Saurat to get a glimpse into her jet-setting lifestyle.
  7. @pilotluana: This Brazilian pilot’s Instagram paints a chic life, as Luana flies both helicopter and airplane and has traveled the globe visiting almost 30 countries.
  8. @vieux_bandit – Learn more about what it’s like to be a bush pilot flying around the Alps and Europe in a Cub airplane.
  9. @hnlramper: HNLramper takes advantage of his unique location, Hawai’i, by photographing the daily assortment of jumbo jets as well as the rare planes that stop on their journey to Asia.
  10. @inflightpilottraining: We’re always sharing photos on our Instagram account including breathtaking aerial photos of the Midwest, our fleet of quality aircraft and our students. Give us a follow to stay up-to-date with our organization!


There you have it — start following these Instagram accounts today and get inspired for your next flight! If looking at these photos makes you jealous, take the next step to get your private pilot’s license.

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