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20 Awesome Gifts for Pilots

So you’re looking for a great gift for the pilot in your life? Well, you’ve come to the right place; we’ve searched for the best pilot gifts around the web and compiled them into one list for your browsing convenience.


Whether celebrating a holiday, birthday, graduation, retirement or another special occasion, here are 20 awesome gifts for pilots – here we go!



1) Former Delta B767 Airplane Window

Purchase airplane windows here


These windows, from a retired B767 aircraft, are the perfect wall art for an aviator. Available in lengths of one to six windows, you’re sure to hit a home run with this unique gift. They also come attached with hanging loops and are available with mirror inserts if you really want to go over the top.

2) Flight Deck Journal

Purchase flight deck journal here


Every pilot needs a good journal to carry with them so they can take notes, plan flights, record anecdotes from their travels and anything else. This flight journal is a pocket-sized Moleskin notebook, covered with an attractive design of cockpit instruments. Plus, You can keep refilling it again and again with Moleskine Cahiers, so there’s always enough room to jot down thoughts.

3) Jet Engine Ottoman

Purchase jet engine ottoman here


Every pilot has a fascination (or, rather, a slight obsession) with aircraft engines. Now, you can gift the pilot in your life with their very own jet engine—in ottoman form. This unique, durable piece of furniture is sure to impress any aviation enthusiast while giving them a place to rest their feet at the end of a long flight.

4) GXL Commuter Foldable Scooter

Purchase scooter here


The pilot in your life may be adept at navigating the skies – but what do they do when they land? With this easy-to-pack, foldable electric scooter is the perfect solution. All they need to do is toss it in the cargo hold, and when they reach their destination, scoot to wherever they need to go.  The GXL features a 250-watt motor and a 36v battery, speeding it up to 15 mph for a distance of up to 12 miles.

5) Laser-Etched Airplane Clock

Purchase the airplane clock here


This impressive clock is laser cut from multiple layers of maple and cherry ply and features a unique open fretwork design and detailed engraving. Whether you’re searching for a birthday, holiday or retirement gift, these clocks are a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. In addition, you can add names, dates and other customizable engravings to the piece.

6) Wright Brothers Airplane Patent Prints

Purchase airplane prints here


Any pilot is sure to love these replications of the original patent prints for the Wright Brothers’ airplane. This set of four prints, with its parchment-style characteristics, is sure to bring a sense of style to any aviation enthusiast’s home.

7) Classic Coaster Set

Purchase coaster set here


When a long flight has concluded, there’s nothing pilots love to do more than to kick back and enjoy a cool beverage. These flight deck coasters let them bring the cockpit to happy hour. Each one is printed with a different display from the instrument panel: airspeed, altitude, heading and artificial horizon.

8) Bomber Jacket

Purchase bomber jacket here


They’re masters of the sky, and masters of style (at least with this gift they will be!) The classic bomber jacket is a great gift for the pilot in your life. This 100% leather jacket features a snap storm flap over the front with a traditional YKK zipper, plus a World War II U.S. flag imprinted onto the interior lining. You can bet that all their pilot buddies will be envious of their new look.

9) GoPro Suction Cup Mount

Purchase suction cup mount here


Many pilots love recording their flight, and with the help of GoPro, it’s never been easier. To shoot stable footage, give the gift of this suction cup mount. This mount works on aircraft windows and other smooth surfaces and captures the entire flight in all its glory.

10) Custom Hangar Sign

Purchase pilot gift here


This hangar sign is a fun, personalized gift that will give the pilot in your life a fun way to let them claim their garage, basement, office or other space. Customize the sign with the recipient’s name so they can proudly display it on their walls.

11) Classic Aviator Shirt

Purchase pilot shirt here


A traditional pilot shirt is a necessity for pilots – especially commercial pilots, who can never seem to have too many. This machine-washable shirt from Van Heusen is a favorite among airline pilots, with a modern-tailored cut without losing a sense of professionalism. Plus, the extra long tail keeps the shirt tucked in even with the extra movements throughout the airport and in and out of the plane’s cockpit.

12) Flight Outfitters Lift Bag

Purchase pilot bag here


Perfect for both long and short flights, this durable bag gives pilots a place for all the essentials. With a large headset pocket, iPad pocket and multiple organizer sections, you’ll stay organized throughout the entire trip. This bag even features steel-reinforced carrying handles to haul the heaviest loads, as well as reinforced sides for additional protection.

13) Flight Simulator

Purchase flight simulator here


For those pilots in your life that can never seem to get enough time in the air, get them a flight simulator so they can fly whenever they’d like, from the comfort of their own home. Flight simulators provide the next best thing to actually piloting an aircraft, without the costs or dangers of flying a plane. This flight simulator from X-Plane offers great flight models, excellent graphics, a smooth frame rate, and realistic weather and lighting.

14) Bose A20 Aviation Headset

Purchase the headset here


An often overlooked safety concern for pilots is ear protection. With this active-noise-reduction (ANR) Bose A20 headset, however, pilots can protect their hearing when flying loud aircraft. Additionally, the headset can connect via Bluetooth to your smart devices, providing crystal clear sound whether communicating with air traffic control, listening to music or taking a phone call.

15) Helicopter Artisanal Glass Decanter

Purchase decanter here


For the helicopter pilot in your life, this artisanal glass decanter is the perfect gift to support his passion. Hand-blown from glass, this decanter will make a great addition to the recipient’s home or office.

16) Personalized Travel Charm

Purchase travel charms here


Engrave your charm with a simple, endearing phrase like, “Have a Safe Flight. I Love You. Love, (your name here)”. Pilots can take these charms along with them on flights for good luck and as a special reminder that they’re loved. This special gift is perfect for someone that’s going away, a child flying alone or someone whom you want to know you are thinking of them.

17) Custom Airplane Propeller Replica

Purchase the airplane propellers here


Talk about a cool gift! This replica WWI-era wooden propeller features brass edging like that used by early aviators to protect them from rocks flung up on grass fields. This handmade propeller looks like it’s been in the rafters of an airline hangar for nearly a century, offering a truly authentic look.

18) Aviation: A Filmed History

Purchase the DVDs here


Most pilots skip the sitcoms and romcoms and prefer to watch anything and everything about aviation. Aviation: A Filmed History is one of the most captivating and comprehensive series about airplane history that a pilot is sure to love.

19) ForeFlight App

Purchase app subscription here


The ForeFlight app has revolutionized the way pilots use iPads for flight planning and navigation. With moving maps, approach charts, terrain awareness, weather graphics, weight and balance, flight plan filing and a whole lot more, this is the app that has replaced paper charts and even portable GPS in many flying situations. Buy a subscription to this app and make sure the pilot in your life always knows where they’re going.

20) Discovery Flight

Purchase an Inflight Discovery Flight here


Is there a special someone in your life who perhaps isn’t a pilot and would like to give flying a try? Then a discovery flight is a perfect gift. Whether they participate for fun or are interested in becoming a licensed pilot, a discovery flight is an experience they won’t soon forget. And if they do plan on getting a pilot’s license, the flight time counts toward flight training, so it’s a win-win.

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