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Stars of the North – Women in Aviation Minnesota

Women in Aviation, International (WAI) started as an organization for the encouragement and advancement of women in aviation careers and interests. As president of Stars of the North, the Minneapolis chapter, we have seen the local level of that mission develop into pivotal experiences, unique to the strong aviation roots that we are fortunate to have in Minnesota. The Stars of the North chapter is one of the largest chapters in the world, we are comprised of men and women, from student pilots to professional pilots, air traffic controllers and aviation enthusiast. Our aim is to create engaging monthly events to be the catalyst for developing friendships, fellowship and aviation support. With our chapter, members have found career opportunities, support from other members and gratification of giving back to the community.


Our last monthly event was a tour of MSP Air Traffic Control Tower and TRACON facility. Our chapter was able to watch the air traffic operations as approach controllers vector aircraft traffic around MSP, then head upstairs for the best airport
view in the MSP control tower. Providing the tour were SOTN members and MSP controllers Jenny Nietfeld and Dawne Barrett. It was an incredible learning experience as we watched the progressive handling of an aircraft through taxi,
takeoff and departure. In attendance were members from 8-years old to student pilots and Boeing 757 pilots. Everyone was able to take away something that was relevant to his or her interests.


Another important aim of our chapter is inspire and encourage the next generation of aviation. For the last four years our chapter members and many local volunteers have produced the local Girls in Aviation Day, in which we welcomed girls ages 8-18
to participate in a free event to learn about careers in STEM and aviation. As all of our members have been helped along the way in his or her career, this is our opportunity and responsibility to pay to forward. Premier Jet Center at Flying Cloud Airport hosted our event in which we welcomed exhibitors from the Air National Guard, Sun Country Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Minnesota State University Mankato, University of North Dakota and many more.


Members Ambyr Peterson (Inflight Instructor) and Kisha Delain created extensive education forumwhere kids can learn Bernoulli’s theorem, the phonetic alphabet and also practice riveting. Local pilots volunteered their time and aircraft as we had almost 30 aircraft
on static display including an Endeavor Airlines CRJ-900, a Wings of the North P-51 Mustang, an Army National Guard Blackhawk Helicopter and a beautiful ChristianEagle built by Lynn OJala. The success of the day lies in the hands of the 200
volunteers that took the time to help create an aviation experience for almost 1200 attendees.


I want to welcome anyone to our monthly meetings. After 5 years as a member with this chapter I have experienced the power of relationships to help achieve our goals. From help with your next flying certificate, next job, to creating lasting friendships
the members of our chapter are there to help. Please join us for our Holiday Potluck at Wings of the North Air Museum on December 10th. Check out our facebook or website for more details on our events and also our upcoming Girls in Aviation Day September 21, 2019 at and


Sarah Borg
President –Stars of the North
First Officer-Delta Air Lines
Aviation enthusiast and aspiring Piper Cub owner