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How Learning to Fly Will Make You a Better Business Leader

When it comes to learning how to fly, there are several skills that you’ll develop that are sure to transfer over into your professional life. Not only does it open up new horizons and encourages you to challenge yourself in new ways, the flight training process can provide business leaders with invaluable experience that you can apply to the ways in which you operate a company.


So, let’s get started – here’s how learning to fly will make you a better business leader.


Better Communication Skills

When learning to fly, you’ll develop incredible communication skills. You’ll be put in situations where you’ll have to communicate with a wide variety of different people, whether its passengers, co-pilots, mechanics or control tower operators. Being able to communicate while also flying a plane will help you develop the abilities to communicate in the workplace, no matter what situation you’re in, providing those who lead a company with an essential asset.


Decision Making and Problem Solving

Flying a plane is all about making the best decisions according to the situation you find yourself in. Quick thinking in the air means developing your ability to weigh pros and cons, identify opportunities and create room to act on those opportunities. In addition, learning to fly teaches you to be constantly aware and solve any unexpected problems that arise, whether you suddenly hit a snowstorm, rain or foggy conditions. Overall, we probably don’t have to point out how important that skill is in the business world, do we?


Adaptability and Situational Awareness

Any business leader worthy of their title knows that adaptability is an incredibly important driver of success. Those businesses that don’t change to current market conditions don’t tend to survive very long. Likewise, learning how to fly will give you the ability to analyze and react in stressful situations, and the confidence to try things even if it means failure.


Rebound from Failure

When learning to fly, you’ll experience pilot error from time to time. It happens – what’s most important is how you learn from and rectify your mistakes. In the professional world, failure of leadership can lead to avoidable accidents, just like when piloting a plane. Overall, leading by example is one of the most important qualities of a good leader, so as long as you’re not afraid to own up to failures in work and behind the control wheel, you’ll be able to become that much better of a leader and pilot.


Planning and Time Management

Throughout the flight training process, you’ll learn the importance of flight planning and time management, an essential component of becoming a responsible pilot. Flying your own plane is deeply rooted in scheduling, organization, attention to fine details and punctuality – things that are very likely to translate into your job as a business leader.


Fun and Inspiration

Of course, flying doesn’t need to feel so rigid. Once all the planning and scheduling is done, it’s time for fun! Piloting your own aircraft lets you get away—literally—from the stresses of work and lets you think outside of any concerns you have back on the ground. Plus, you’re likely to be inspired by the view out your cockpit window alone, if not by the many new places you’re likely to travel with your newly minted pilot’s license. You can then take that inspiration and use it to inform new products, services or business strategies when you return to the office.


In Conclusion

Overall, flight training will help you develop a number of skills that will support your career as a business leader. Whether it’s through improved communication, better decision making or more efficient time management, learning to fly will provide you with a new, exciting hobby that’s sure to challenge you in new ways, both personally and professionally.  


Now that you know how learning to fly will make you a better business leader, there’s never been a better time to start than now. Let Inflight Pilot Training help.


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