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Passion for Flying: A Look Into 5 Unique Aviation Careers

Are you thinking of joining the exciting world of aviation? From putting out wildfires to saving the lives of those in need to teaching others the ways of the skies and beyond, a unique career path awaits you in the piloting industry.

So, if you’re passionate about flying, consider one of these five unique aviation careers and take control of your future!


1) Air Ambulance Pilots

Median Annual Salary: $85,000*

This can be one of the most intense aviation careers out there. Being an air ambulance pilot can include high-pressure situations like airlifting someone out of a dire emergency situation, transporting medical staff or even helping to deliver organs for transplant. This career path certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, and often requires extensive training, including achieving your commercial pilot’s license first.


2) Firefighter Pilots

Median Annual Salary: $75,000

Becoming a firefighter pilot can involve a number of different job requirements, from flying in hundreds of gallons of water to an incredibly precise location in a wildfire to helping deliver important supplies and cargo to firefighters on the ground. This is a noble aviation career that often involves contract jobs, meaning you may be working in remote locations for weeks at a time. This type of pilot will be in increasing demand in the future, as research shows that earlier snow melts and an increase in hot, dry conditions due to climate change have led to an increase in fire activity throughout the U.S.


3) Flight Instructor

Median Annual Salary: $53,000

Becoming a flight instructor means you’ll be on the front lines of educating and inspiring the next generation of pilots. You’ll be helping trainees with everything from navigating the administrative processes of training to sitting next to them as they learn in-air skills from day one. Flight instructors need to be dedicated, trustworthy and approachable in order to help ensure their trainees get the most out of the flight education experience. If you enjoy working one on one with people and helping others succeed, this is the perfect aviation career.


4) Aircraft Mechanic and Avionics Equipment Technician

Median Annual Salary: $62,000

If you’re passionate about aviation, but are partial to keeping your feet on the ground, an aircraft mechanic and/or avionics technician may be the right career path for you. Aircraft mechanics and avionics technicians handle necessary, scheduled maintenance checks and repair work for aircraft of all types. In this position, you’ll be evaluating flight data, diagnosing mechanical or electrical problems, repairing and replacing plane components as needed, and conducting safety inspections. There are a wide variety of certificates and licenses available that may determine the exact roles a mechanic or technician may take on, typically obtained through a specialized aviation maintenance technician school.


5) Commercial Airline Pilot

Median Annual Salary: $130,000

Perhaps one of the most popular choices for those who want a career in the skies, becoming a commercial pilot involves flying passengers on scheduled, routine routes. Becoming a pilot for a major airline often involves extensive training and is considered the pinnacle of pilot licenses. But, if you can reach this level in your aviation career, you’ll enjoy an exclusive, glamorous, highly sought-after lifestyle, that will let you enjoy your passion for flying every day. If you enjoy structure, thrive with routine and want to reach the top of the industry, becoming a commercial pilot is the career path for you.


In Conclusion


Keep in mind there will be additional education and training required for most of these jobs. Be sure to do your research ahead of time to find out what sort of degrees and additional requirements there are before pursuing any of these flight careers. The number of hours you’ll need to log will also vary.

Often times, finding a flying career you’re passionate about starts with taking flight lessons as a hobby. Many pilots have made career changes after falling in love with flying as a hobby. All it takes is the proper training and a passion for flying – luckily, you can kick-start your next career with pilot training from Inflight.


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*Salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.