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How to Convince Your Spouse to Let You Take Flying Lessons

So—learning to fly has always been a dream of yours, but your spouse has concerns about your safety, time away from home, and cost of instruction? This guide will help you on how to convince your spouse to let you take flying lessons. While these concerns are warranted, that shouldn’t stop them from letting you pursue your goals of becoming a licensed pilot.  Of course, it’s nice to provide them with reassurance, anyway. We wrote this post to help you win over your spouse and convince them to let you take flying lessons. Here we go! Looking for more information on the safety of becoming a private pilot? Read our post: “Is Learning to Fly Safe?” to find out more!


Take Your Spouse on a Discovery Flight

Discovery flights are a simple, safe way to let your spouse experience the thrill of flying a private plane. This introductory flying session, in which you’re paired with an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Flight Instructor, gives you the chance to fly your own plane under their supervision. With a professional backing you up, discovery flights will give your spouse the chance to see that maybe learning to fly isn’t so scary after all. They may even get the bug to take lessons themselves!


Explain that Flight Training is the Safest Way to Fly

The actual training will be and should be the safest time to fly. With the instructor in the cockpit right alongside you, and as the main person in control, you’ll be unlikely to make any serious life-threatening mistakes. Your spouse does not need to be concerned during the training. The instructor will not let you take a solo flight until you’re ready. Once you receive your license, however, the safety is completely in your hands—but at that point, you’ll be well-trained to know how to stay safe in the skies.


Plan Your Lessons around Family Time

Many flight schools and instructors will do everything they can to let you learn at the pace that works for you. If you need to be home for dinner with the family every weeknight, for instance, you can schedule flying lessons on the weekend. Your spouse will appreciate that you’re home at those designated family times and you can still pursue your dream of learning to fly.


Focus on the Outcome

After you obtain your private pilot’s license, you and your spouse are free to travel wherever you want. Picture flying to any city and enjoying a romantic date night. Or, fly over all 50 states or North America and never deal with a commercial flight again. Without a private pilot’s license, the freedom to travel wherever you please simply isn’t possible.


Explain How the Benefits Outweigh the Costs

While it’s crucial to have an accurate estimate of what the entire learning experience will cost, keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be paid in full upfront—always be skeptical of a company that requires fees to be paid ahead of providing the service. Most schools will accept payment as you progress for services rendered. Explain to your spouse that it’s actually fairly affordable, on average $7,000 – $15,000, especially when it’s broken up into chunks to make the payment more manageable. Plus, the benefits, including the freedom to travel where you wish and the rewarding feelings of accomplishing a lifelong goal, heavily outweigh the costs.


Introduce Your Spouse to Your Flight Instructor

It’s always nice to put a name to a face, especially when the person is so critical to your safety in the sky. To make your spouse feel more comfortable with the learning process, bring them to the hangar and introduce them to your flight instructor. Talking to a professional about safety measures will give your spouse the reassurance they need to let you proceed with your lessons.


Find a Reputable Flight School with a Proven Record of Safety

When choosing a flight school, show your spouse that you decided on one that puts the safety of their students above all else. Before settling on your final choice, ask the flight instruction company about their track record and commitment to safety. Do some quick googling of the company to see if any safety violations have been reported and read online reviews for insight. Additionally, inspect the student airplanes to verify that they are in tip-top shape and ready to fly. A school that abides by the high safety standards set out by the FAA will far exceed those that do not.



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