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Flying to the Tee: How a Pilot’s License Will Help You Excel on the Golf Course

If you want to improve your golf game, being a pilot can provide many advantages. Flying your aircraft to the best golf courses in the country will open opportunities to advance your skill and hone your stroke. If you’re looking for an exciting golfing experience, there are many options when it comes to flying to the tee – here’s how a pilot’s license will help you excel on the golf course.


Hit the Links Year-Round

Winter can be detrimental to any golfer’s handicap. If you live in an area of the country where weather is less than ideal for golfing, a pilot’s license will let you travel to warmer states, like Florida, California or Texas, where you can practice your game year-round. When you can fly to a golf course in a sunny, warm location, even in the dead of winter, your game will never get rusty.


Gain Access to the Best Golf Pros in the Country

No matter who you wish to learn from, a pilot’s license will give you the ability to visit golf pros around the country. By taking golf lessons from the best instructors in the industry, your golfing skills will skyrocket. Lessons can run from one hour to a few days, giving you flexibility with your travels. During lessons, you may focus on your chipping, putting, driving or anything else, through personalized on-course playing with your pro. The best part is that you can spend a few hours or days with one of the great golf pros in the country, while improving your game.


Bring Your Friends Along for a Challenge

You can only become so good at golf by playing against yourself. When you have the ability to fly a private plane, it’s easy to load up a few friends (or worthy competitors) and head to the links for a round. So, why not fly out with friends to play a really great course where you’ve always dreamed of teeing it up? Playing against others is sure to help improve your game, as the pressure of competition will be on.


Get an Aerial View of the Course

When flying to the tee, take a quick detour and fly over the course before you land. This will give you an idea of the course layout, fairway paths, green locations and hazard spots, and is sure to give you an advantage when you’re on the ground. At the very least, you’ll have a better perspective of the course than any of your fellow golfers that came in by car.


Take-In a Tournament

A great way to learn more about perfecting your golf game is by watching professionals do what they do best. With access to a private aircraft, a PGA tournament at an outstanding golf course is most likely within your flying range. During the season, there are about two tournaments a week, so there are usually a couple of tournaments to see, and many that are within a comfortable day’s flight. You can certainly glean a lot of insights about improving your golf game by watching high-level tournaments in person.


Gain Confidence in the Air and on the Course

Learning to fly will give you specific skills that can apply on the golf course. Most importantly, confidence. Throughout flight training, you’ll learn how to cope with precarious situations in the sky and navigate through them with confidence. Likewise, the key to being a successful golfer lies in the ability to believe in yourself and your abilities.


Play on the Best Courses in the Country

Perhaps the biggest advantage of being able to fly to the tee is the chance to play at the best golf courses in the country. And there are plenty to choose from—the U.S. alone is home to over 15,000 golf courses—many offering award-winning, professionally-designed experiences. Plus, you’d be surprised at how many are just a short distance from an airport, making it convenient to play a round!


Ready to Reach Your Favorite Destinations?

With a pilot’s license, you can take-off towards the country’s most incredible golf courses and perfect your game – get in touch with Inflight Pilot Training to learn more about gaining the freedoms afforded by learning to fly.


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