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5 Ways Flight School Will Make You a Better Business Owner

As a business owner, you likely have a jam-packed schedule filled with meetings, networking events and more. You also probably find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day, or that you were able to be in several places at once to get more done, and help make your business the best it can be. These are just some of the reasons many entrepreneurs and business owners turn to flying planes as a way to improve their business, and make them a better business owner.

For some, your business might have several branches spread across different cities or states which might need regular oversight. Driving might be time-consuming, and flying commercially means you’re limited to predetermined flight times that may not align with your ideal schedule. Also, you might need to urgently transport goods from one location to another which will be made easy if you have a plane and you know how to fly it. You will have more flexibility and can accomplish more in one day compared to what you would undertake for several weeks by using a commercial airline or a car. Below are five ways a flight school will help you improve your company and make you a better business owner.

1. Become a Member of an Elite Group

Once you train as a pilot, you become a member of select group of people who have the drive and passion for flying. This can enable you to build new contacts from all over the world. Some of these contacts will be influential in the business sector and puts you in a better position of expanding your business to different parts of the world. Since the aviation sector comprises of unique and extraordinary people, you will likely be able to get great advice, and unique perspectives to help you and your business grow.


2. Learn New Skills

Learning to fly means you’re learning new things, and pushing your brain to try things it likely hasn’t had to process before. You will know how to become a logical decision maker and a better planner. You also learn to operate with a sense of urgency whenever required to so. This way whenever you are required to make urgent business decisions, you will not hesitate since you will already be used to making life-defining midair decisions. You’ll likely learn other new skills that can certainly be applied in the business world.


3. Gain More Respect

Undoubtedly, pilots are respected members of society, and are often revered and trusted. By showing you have the drive to achieve your pilot’s license, your business contacts, potential customers, and employees will see a determined and committed business owner who goes above and beyond to pursue their goals.


4. Effectively Manage your Business

If you own a large business which has several branches, you will need to regularly visit each locations to ensure that things are running smoothly. If these locations are spread across the country, driving isn’t an effective use of time, and you have to rely on commercial airline schedules, as well as any unforeseen issues like flight delays. However, if you are the one flying a plane, you will only need minimal preparation before getting airborne. The good thing is that you can make such trips even last minute since you will not be relying on the services of a third party.


5.  Develop Leadership Skills

Flying involves harnessing your fears since taking to the skies is a risky adventure. Once you join a flight school, you will be required to make impromptu decisions in mid-air whenever a situation emerges. You’re the one in charge, so you’ll need to be quick witted and a fast thinker. This can help you when running your business as well. When time is of the essence, you’ll have the know how to make quick decision that will have the right outcome. If you possess strong leadership skills, your business is bound to succeed.


Making the Move to Become a Pilot

Joining a flight school is a step in the right direction if you are seeking to improve your business leadership skills. After becoming a certified pilot, you can also explore purchasing an individual or business plane which can help give you the freedom and flexibility to fly wherever, whenever, and can help ease logistics headaches. Achieving your pilot’s license opens the door to a number of opportunities to help you grow personally and professionally.


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