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Make Your Business Soar: The Top Advantages of a Pilot License as a Business Owner or CEO

Are you a business owner or CEO who’s sick of draining redeye flights, busy airport security lines and inconvenient layovers? If so, there are several advantages of having a pilot license that will save you time, money and hassle in the long run.

Whether you want to pursue your love of flying, business owners or CEOs should consider getting their pilot license. Here’s what you can expect to gain when you get your wings.


Save Time Flying Yourself

With a pilot license and access to a small aircraft, business professionals are no longer tied to the constraints of commercial airlines. Instead of having to work around airline departure and return times, you can travel when it fits best with your schedule. Layer on additional time to get through long security lines, flight delays, layovers and more, you can save yourself hours of time – sometimes even full days – leaving you more time and energy to focus on running your business.


Consider this scenario: You live in Minneapolis, and have an upcoming sales meeting scheduled in Cleveland at 9 a.m. You can opt for either a 5 a.m. flight the morning of and hope you won’t be too tired, or fly in the night before and stay at a hotel. If you’re a savvy business owner, you’re looking to cut costs however you can. If you can skip that hotel room expense, and fly into Cleveland in the morning at a time that is convenient for you, it’s a win/win situation. You saved on the hotel, and you got a full night’s rest before your big meeting.


Additional Cost Savings

Airline prices are expected to rise through the end of 2017, making regular business travel a larger part of your operating budget. Add on luggage, taxes and other travel expenses and the numbers quickly add up– especially if you’re a frequent flyer.


With a pilot’s license, you can get rid of those rising airline and travel  costs and save money in the long term.


Do What You Love to Do Most: Fly!

If you love flying, there’s no better way to take advantage than by getting your pilot license. Now, even when you’re travelling on business, you can soar above the clouds and enjoy the freedom flying has to offer.


Commonly Asked Questions about CEO Pilot Licenses

If the advantages of using a pilot license for business travel appeal to you, you probably have a few more questions about the process.


What Kind of Pilot’s License Do I Need to Fly for Business?

For the majority of situations, a private pilot license will most likely meet your needs. If you have the time and drive, you may want to continue your training to become licensed for instrument weather conditions, or earn a commercial pilot’s license so you can fly multiple types of aircraft.

There are many options for flight training and licensure. If you’re curious about learning more about options for how to get your pilot’s license, download our free e-book, Getting Off the Ground: How to Make Your Dream of Flying Come True.


Won’t Flying Privately for My Business Cost More Money?

This will depend on how much flying you actually do. Assuming you’re a frequent flyer, having a corporate pilot license will actually save you money in the long run. In most cases, flying a small plane will be less expensive than a commercial ticket. When you also factor in the time saved and other travel expenses you can save in the process, it’s a no-brainer.


I’m a Business Owner, Is a Plane an Affordable Expense?

While private flying carries a stigma that it’s reserved only for the affluent, it’s actually a relatively affordable for businesses of many sizes. You can rent planes from one of the countless aviation companies throughout the country. If you’re hoping to purchase a jet, you’ll want to have a chat with your accountant about setting aside funds, but there’s a plus side: an aircraft can be purchased as a tax-deductible expense.


Additionally, when you own a private plane, several new revenue streams open up. For example, you could rent your plane out to other businesses for a fee, or survey land for possible development opportunities.


Will I Be Able to Fly Clients and Associates?

You’re going to impress clients and business associates alike when you hop in the cockpit and take off to your destination. With a private pilot license, you can fly passengers and save some money while doing it. While you cannot technically receive payment for carrying passengers with a private pilot license, you can split flight costs, like fuel or rental fees, between the group.


Is It Safe to Fly for Business?

The biggest factor in aviation safety is the skill and ability of the pilot. Your flight will only be as safe as the person piloting the plane. If you hit low-visibility conditions, do you have the proper training and experience to safely manage the aircraft by instrument? It’s your duty as a pilot to ensure the safety of yourself and others by understanding your flying abilities.


What Other Reasons Should I Fly for Business?

Aside from being convenient and cost-effective, learning to fly can be a lot of fun It could open up new travel destinations for you and your family, not to mention business opportunities.


Overall, as a business owner or CEO who dreams of taking flight, you can now enjoy piloting your own airplane even when you’re travelling on business. Get rid of the hassle and time-suck of major airlines and gain the power to come and go anywhere you please with a pilot license.


Ready to Take Flight?

If you want to fly private airplanes for your business, get in touch with a trusted team of flight instructors, like those at Inflight Pilot Training. We offer professional training for clients of all types. We invite you to stop by our facility, or call to schedule a tour and learn more about our program. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today at (952) 698-3000, or fill out a form on our contact page.