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A Guide to Airport Markings

A Guide to Airport Markings

Whether you’re just starting out, or already have a few hours of flying under your belt, airport markings can sometimes be confusing. In this guide, we will cover the most common airport markings as well as many others, all essential to the safe operation of your aircraft!

Runway Markings

Runway Markings

Runway Signs

Taxiway Markings

ILS Critical Area

Taxi Way Direction Sign

We hope you enjoyed this quick reference guide to the most common airport markings you will come across during your training. Remember, there are hundreds of other markings, some uncommon that you could come across during training, and these are just a handful of the ones you will come across. Having a full understanding of airport markings is essential to being a safe and knowledgeable pilot!

Quiz Answers

Quiz 1- 280 – 180 (Reciprocal) = 100, this means we are landing on runway 10!

Quiz 2- The center runway would be designated with a “C” for center.

Quiz 3- FALSE! Always check to make sure your wings are clear of any traffic, obstructions.

Quiz 4- We can enter without a clearance, only if it is deemed safe to do so and the runway is not being used by other traffic.

Quiz 5- We would be taking off on runway 18.