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Flight School Minneapolis – Why You Should Choose Inflight For Your Flight Training

If your looking to do your flight training around the twin cities area, look no further than Inflight Pilot Training. Inflight offers quality training and has a proven track record for its superior customer service. There are are plenty of other flight schools in the area, but what makes Inflight the preferred training provider in the area?

We have the BEST instructors

Inflight has a diverse group of instructors who are here to look after all your needs. Many of our instructors come from different backgrounds, some having airline/corporate experience, others with various degrees in aviation and general aviation experience. Together we have over 18,000 hours of flight training experience. Many of our instructors are full time and are extremely flexible with scheduling, meaning there will be no issues when it comes to scheduling your flight lessons. We all have a serious passion for what we do, our instructors are not merely “Pipeline CFI’s” who are here to simply build hours. Together this ensures that the students needs and goals are being personally looked after, with genuine concern and professionalism.


Impeccable Training Facilities

Inflight boasts a great training facility for both students and instructors. Our office is well equipped with briefing stalls and rooms, and additionally we have our own Pilot supply shop for all your supply needs. The office was recently renovated, and we have brand new office furniture and equipment, making it ideal for comfy briefings or just generally a great outfit for all your training needs. We are located inside the Elliot Aviation building, a premier FBO (Fixed base Operation) facility in the twin cities area. Elliot is open from 6AM to 11PM, this makes it ideal for easy access for renters or even just students who are flying solo some days when the office is closed. Elliot houses all our training aircraft in their hangers, and offers a full line service to us which includes refueling, pulling and storing aircraft in our hanger.


Great Central Location

Inflight is located at the Flying Cloud Airport in Eden prairie, MN. The airport is central to many metropolitan suburbs and makes an easy commute for people living or even working in the area. Flying Cloud Airport (FCM) is also a Towered Airport, and is indeed the second busiest controlled facility in Minnesota (One below from Minneapolis international). This provides a great training environment, ensuring students are getting the maximum amount of training experience training in all different types of environments.


Stunning Aircraft for training or Rent

Inflight boasts a wide variety of Aircraft available for training and renting. We currently have 3 Cessna 152’s, one of which is IFR certified for Instrument training. We have 4 Cessna 172’s, a Piper Arrow and a newly acquired Beechcraft Bonanza A36. We are constantly updating our fleet, making major improvements such as new engine replacements, new interiors and other general equipment upgrades. Our maintenance staff meticulously ensures that all our aircraft are complying with FAA inspection requirements, and go beyond just the bare minimum to keep our students and renters safe in the skies. If you are already a qualified pilot, we offer great rental deals for individuals looking to take a trip up to their cabin up north, or simply just wanting to take a day trip somewhere with some family and friends.


Unbeatable Training Costs

Inflight has some of the most competitive rates in the country. We have many students who come from out of state, some even from other countries who choose Inflight as their preferred training provider. We offer both retail rates and a flying club rate for those who are wanting to train or rent on a more regular basis. All our costs are listed on the inflight Website under the Pilot Programs tab. What makes Inflight different from our competitors, is that we are upfront and honest about training costs. We never quote students on Minimums and always try give a realistic quote for our customers so that they know what to expect.


Probably one of the most important, our awesome reputation!

 A simple search on the web or asking others in the industry, will lead you to find out just why many choose inflight for the training or rental needs. Inflight has been recognized for consecutive years by AOPA by being listed on their Honor Role for flight training excellence. It is clear that our services stand out from our competitors, having an open door policy for both staff, students and new potential customers makes inflight the successful establishment it has become today. Honesty and integrity is the solid foundation the school was built upon, and in this industry, nothing else is more important.

We hope to see you soon at our school and look forward to turning your dreams into reality. We love hearing from you, and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. Visit us today or give us a call at (952) 698-3000