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Aircraft Rental Minneapolis – Why You Should Rent From Inflight Pilot Training

If you’re a pilot in the Twin Cities area looking for airplane rental, look no further than Inflight Pilot Training! Inflight offers a wide variety and pristine fleet of aircraft available for rental year round. We even have customers that even come from other states to rent our aircraft. Here are just a few reasons why Inflight has the BEST aircraft rental around.


Diverse Fleet

Inflight is one of the only providers in the state that offers a wide variety of aircraft type for rent. We have a fleet of three Cessna 152’s, one of which is Instrument Certified, four Cessna 172’s, a Piper Arrow IV, G6 Cirrus SR20 Perspective +, and a G6 Cirrus SR22 FIKI. The large and diverse fleet size ensures flexible scheduling options for renters as well as many options when looking for aircraft rental. The fleet size also ensures that there is plenty of availability on the schedule.


Simple scheduling

Inflight utilizes Flight Circle as a reservation system for all students and renters. Once you have obtained access to the schedule, you will be able to log in from anywhere on a PC, tablet or cellphone to view the schedule and reserve aircraft and/or instructors. The system is extremely user friendly and shows live time of all aircraft availability on the schedule. To request access to the schedule, follow the link below or stop by the school to get set up. If you are doing a checkout with an instructor in order to rent from us, your CFI will usually set you up with an account as well as show you how to use the system.

online scheduling


All our maintenance procedures are done in house by a mechanic that operates out of our maintenance hangar at the Flying Cloud airport. We ensure that all aircraft are kept up to date with all required FAA Inspections as well as preventative maintenance programs to ensure the aircraft are being kept in top notch condition. Customers are notified well in advance if any upcoming inspections are due and they will be listed on flight circle prior to being dispatched.


Flexible rental agreements

Inflight offers a generous and extremely flexible rental agreement with customers. We have a 12-hour cancelation policy for all rentals and instructional flights. If weather or sickness is preventing you from flying day of, we will of course cancel the reservation for you without further charges. As long as we are given a 12 hour or greater notice, the reservation will be cancelled for you. The charge for cancelations after this period is called a “No Show”, and usually you will be billed half the time of use for the aircraft that was reserved. Daily rental minimums are 3 hours, meaning if you reserve an aircraft for the entire day or take it on a weekend trip, you will be expected to have 3 billable hours per day of aircraft use. This policy is here to protect the school, as we cannot have aircraft sit idle at out stations for days as they are not creating revenue. Almost all schools have both these policies in place and Inflight has some of the most generous policies of them all.


Affordable Club membership

Inflight Offers an option for both renters and students to join the Flying Club. Having a membership offers great discounts on aircraft rental and flight instruction. The cost to join the club is a one-time fee of $200 and then a $50 monthly recurring fee. This is not a contract and you can cancel your membership anytime. For all aircraft the hourly rate is reduced by $20 an hour on the aircraaft, flight instruction is also reduced by $10 per hour for club members. You will have to sit down and calculate if joining will make financial sense for your situation, but in most cases, renters who are flying as little as 2 times per month, will save on costs. You can view the rates using the link below.


Aircraft Rental


A lot of renters come to us and ask what kind of insurance they should get when renting from us. Insurance is inclusive of your rental rate. Unless renters or students would like additional insurance on top of what we provide, you are already covered. The deductible is currently $1500 for any damage done to the aircraft. When you first sign up with the school, you will be sent a rental agreement electronically which will house all the specific details regarding this.


Full line service         

Inflight is located within a FBO (Fixed Base Operational) facility. All our aircraft are housed in the Elliot Aviation hangars. The Elliot line service provides full service to our aircraft, meaning they will arrange for aircraft to be pulled/put away when you need to fly, as well as ensure the aircraft are topped off with fuel. One of the greatest benefits to the facility is having heated hangars during the winter months. If you are taking the aircraft overnight to an out station, be sure to ask us for an overnight kit for extra tie downs and chocks.


These are just a few of the many reasons that you should choose Inflight Pilot Training as your preferred provider for aircraft rental. We are more than happy to welcome you into the school, and invite you to stop by or give us a call to schedule a tour of the facility and aircraft we have. Contact us today at (952) – 698 – 3000