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Will Accelerated Pilot Training Work for You?

So you want to be a pilot? And fast! Or, you already are a pilot but seek to advance your next rating in a timely and cost effective manner?   The wonderful thing about the instruction offered at Inflight Pilot Training, is our many programs and customizable options to help you meet your training needs, on budget and fast, no matter your current rating or experience.

If you’re interested in the Accelerated program, and wondering if it is the right training option for you, you’ve come to the right place. We will help guide you today through the details of this decision so when you meet with our flight instructors you are knowledgeable and ready to ask further questions to decide if the accelerated program will be most successful for your training with us. When gauging which flight instruction program is best for you, we look at many factors including budget, timeline, study habits, prior experience and flight training goals, to find the program that is tailored to best meet your needs!

Our different options

Our accelerated programs are offered for Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI Initial CFII, and even an Airplane Solo jump-start course.

You can learn more about each individual program on our website under the Pilot Programs tab. Now, is the accelerated program right for you? First, you must understand the pace, timeline and budget of these courses in order to decide which is tailored to meet your needs. Our accelerated programs requires a commitment 7 days a week, 8am – 5pm. While the normal training schedule can range from 2-4 lessons a week at about 2 hours each, the accelerated program will fast track you to your goals much quicker and more efficiently!

This program is like no other in terms of budgeting. Our accelerated courses are all based off a one-time fee for completion, helping you efficiently budget for your training. While this differs from the conventional “pay by the hour” fee system offered in our non-accelerated programs, this option helps you know your exact budget from beginning of training to your FAA checkride. We guarantee that if you put in the daily commitment with our professional instructors to achieve your flight training goals, no matter how many flight and instruction hours it takes for you to complete your course, you will be successful without any additional flight training fee’s.

Our accelerated program requires a good sense of study habits

As with all flight instruction, the key to how quickly you pass your checkride depends for the most part on how quickly you gain skill in flying the aircraft at the FAA’s standards for approval and your overall knowledge of the subject. We put emphasis on each accelerated student to exercise strong study habits which will help you stay on template to passing your checkride within your schedule.

If it is a career in the Airlines you seek, our Professional Pilot accelerated program is an all-inclusive program beginning from little to no experience in aviation to your final commercial pilot check ride where you are eligible to be on your way to an Airline cockpit. The accelerated option for this program not only gives you a set budget as mentioned above, but the timing of your rating could not have been better! As you may have read in the media and by doing your own career research, the airline industry is booming around the world and here in the United States as well.

The “pilot shortage”, as it has been named has begun and is forecasted to continue for many years until these seats are filled with commercial pilots, like you! It normally would take you 12-24 months to gain the training and experience needed to complete your commercial pilot rating under conventional training method. The accelerated program in this case is only 4-5 months long, which will get you into the commercial pilot workforce at a time where pilots are very much sought after! If you’ve done your research on the airline pilot industry, it has been very up and down over the years. Thankfully for you, this industry is nearing its peak for commercial pilot hiring and by taking advantage of our accelerated programs, you will be riding the hiring wave right into your new life long career in the cockpit.

The amazing opportunities of this program

The peace of mind knowing your training is always on budget without any additional fees or charges. Our commitment from the professional instructors who will work with you daily insuring you are successful in the classroom and in the airplane. As well as our fast track schedule, helping you achieve your flight training goals in a timely manner.

Now that you have a brief understanding of the accelerated program and an interest in flight training, we are always here to answer any questions you have and jumpstart your training! We invite you to call us today at 952-698-3000 to set up a meeting with one of our flight instructors at Flying Cloud Airport (KFCM) in Eden Prarie, MN!